Best Integrated Amp for PSB Image T6 Speakers

I currently have an NAD C356BEE driving my PSB Image T6 speakers and am not too happy with the sound. Despite "tuning" the placement of the speakers numerous times, the music still sounds flat. The room is large (18'x26') and my listening position is about 12' from the speakers. I hooked up a friends old NAD receiver (C740, 35 WPC) and the system sounded better. Any suggestions on a different int amp? Thanks.
An Ayre AX-7 would be a big step up from your NAD.
What is your budget for an amp? And what is your source; CD, computer audio?

The PSB house sound is very dynamic with tons of bass, even at the Image speaker level. Clearly your NAD is not up to the task.
I would like to stay around $1200. My source is CD only. Thanks in advance for any input
Check out the Rogue Audio Sphinx. It always gets great reviews!
An Ayre AX-7 would be a big step up from your NAD.

That's what they all say. LOL
To be honest, I don't really put much faith in reviews, but you're right. I've never seen anything other than very positive reviews on the Ayre.
For $1299, you really should audition the Rogue Audio Sphinx.
It's a Class D/tube hybrid that will give your system dynamics in spades.

To fit your budget, there's also the Marantz PM8005 for $1200 USD. 70 wpc/8 ohms, 100w/4 ohms with tone control bypass.

or look for a used Ayre AX-7, may be hard to find.
Another vote for Rogue Audio Sphinx at that price point. Stereophile's latest issue said it kicked the crap out of hard to drive Magnepan .7s.
If you're ok with a used integrated amp, the Primare I-30 would be a good choice. There are lots of good reviews on this integrated amp out there.