Best Integrated amp for my ProAc

Could you let me know that a Best Integrated amp for my ProAc Tablette Anniversary, please.

source: Vinyl, LINN DS
Speaker:ProAc Tablette Anniversary
PreAmp:Rega Phono, LINN WAKONDA
PwrAmp:LINN LK140
TT:Rega RP6
No- but I'd sure venture to say LM Audio would be worth a look. I'm much liking the 211IA with my Spendors.
Rega, Naim, Exposure, LFD...all work beautifully with ProAc.
ProAcs go well with tube amps. Cary has some good ones.

If you insist on solid state, a more tubey sounding solid state amp like the Pass Aleph 3 would work, but that is a basic amp, not integrated.
Tubes, Tubes and more Tubes. I am using an Ayre AX7 that has sounded a TON better than my Quicksilver tubes did for years. I have heard the Rogue that sounds great, but AR is a great tube integrated for the Proacs. You should call Johnny Rutan at Audio Connections in NJ as he is a Proac dealer and sells Rogue, Carey, Rega, Ayre, NAD and a few others. He'll be able to hear what you like to listen to, what type of room you have and then help walk you through cabling and integrateds. He may even have a store demo to sell (you never know). I know others on this forum swear by him and he's my new go to guy. I"m even using him to help sell off my gear right now. Good luck and please keep us posted.
Leben CS300 OR CS600

+1 for Line Magnetic as well
Thank you ALL, Very very kind good response.

The following is my sounds via poor iPod Mini, please check it.
Cayin 100 is the way to go, as I did. Great sound, great value.
U might also want to keep on the back burner some great deals and sounds using a vintage receiver.
Thanks Schipo and ALL,

Dear Schipo,
I'm sorry that I cannot understand your comment so I'm Jap, my english is poor. Could you explain your opinion again.

Dear Notec,
I have Experience that Leben CS600 with ProAc. I felt it was very bud combination. current my old LINN is better that Leben, Thanks!
The following is my list for my Proacs

Rega Brio-R
Sugden A21a
Naim Nait Nait 5si
Kazuhito, have you ever heard them with Onyx integrates (the original ones from the original designer)? Magic. I hate selling the two I have left, but I need to pay for new Vandy's I'm getting. They are inexpensive and I have A/B'd them vs the Naim and everyone in the room chose the Onyx. I was surprised, but that's how it played out. Sugden is a good choice. I like the Brio too, but feel that the Rogue stuff (new ones) sound better as they have that mid magic that the Proacs kind of need, as do most any British speakers.
Dear Ctsooner,

How about your ProAcs? My ProAcs, I love them...
BTW, I never heard Onyx integrates...
The Proac Tablettes are truly great sounding speakers for the price/size. My local dealer has hooked them up to some silly expensive electronics for shootouts, and with each incremental improvement of components, such as a better DAC, the difference can clearly be heard. This attests to the ability of the speaker.

I have heard them sound particularly nice with the tube integrted amps from the Italian firm Synthesis. I have not heard them with other reasonably priced gear, but, I bet they would sound decent with a wide range of gear. They seem to be quite tube friendly even though they are not very high in efficiency.
Kazuhito I was saying for you to look at possibly using a vintage tube/ss receiver instead of using an updated integrate. The best
I'm surprised no one has mentioned Audio Research--a match made in heaven with ProAcs. I have an old CA-50 ARC integrated with my ProAc D15's, used to run it with my SC-1's, sounds fantastic.
Hi ALL, Thank you for your a lot of kind comments.
I have asked to ProAc UK about their reference amp. It was Naim, Sugden Master ClassA, Primare, Audio Research and Jadis.

Also I have had a few of tube amp with Proac Tablettes. i.e. Leben cs600 etc... I had negative impressions of this combination.
Maybe I was unskilled/inexperienced with tubes...

In this time, I would look to a brand new amp like a vintage.
How about Sugden A21a? Sudgen is UK famous Brand for Pure Class A.

The following Link is a video, it’s conbination Proac Tablettes with Sugden A21a.
I would like to know your comment about this sound if you are possible. please.

Dear Schipo,
Thank you for your again. I had understood what you was saying. I would look at possibly using a vintage by your suggestion.

Dear Sc53,
I know that Audio Research is famous for valve amp. Its sound is very very GOOD! But its cost is VERY expensive for me. My budget for a amp is $2,000.-.

Dear Larryi,
I am very pleased that you know Proac Tablettes are truly great sounding. I really think so too. I’m very sorry that I couldn’t the Italian firm Synthesis you said on the internet.
Hi all I have updated current system sounds. (Sound via iPad Mini - MONO)
I love my Proac Super Towers, Studio 100's and the Studio 1 mk 2 (sold). AR and Jadis are two of the best tube amps I've ever heard.Doesn't even matter which amp (tube) it was/is. CJ is also pretty awesome with it. The thing about any Proac is that they will sound better/worse with any changes made as they are so revealing. I think that's the way any top speaker should be. I purposely got the Super Tower over the Response series because it was a bit more forgiving and I listen to rock in addition to Jazz and vocal. Most rock just isn't produced properly and I wanted a more forgiving speaker that could reach lower. I also didn't like the Tablett's from the 90's as the highs were too forward for me. I haven't heard newer ones though. That's why the Studio series was best for me. If figured that there is a reason that so many top studio's still are using the 100's. The ones were the favorites of so many of the british studios. The Beatles LOVED the Proacs/Celef as they were known as.

Most don't know the Onyx, but they were considered by many to be the best of the affordable British integrateds in the 90's. The top models were only made for a few years and I have two of the three integrateds that were considered the best sounding. There was a fight between the two founders and the company was sold a few times etc... The two that I have sound so much better than most of the under 1500 integrates I've heard. They are compact, like so many of the British components are and one only has two large black knobs with NO markings on the faceplate. Kind of cool. Typical British sound and very dynamic. They play loudly if you like that and are detailed without etching. I think they are a bit rolled on top, but not as much as most tube gear. I personally have never heard an old tube receiver that I've liked as they are dark, rolled off and noisy. That's just me. I like the newer tube gear. Same circuits, but with better quality components available, you get much much better sound, I understand nostalgia, but to what expense? Why spend money to get the most out of your system, just to pair them with really old and outdated amps? That's just me though. I think going back much further than the 90's for amps are a waste as most of the top amps back then, can't hold a candle to the amps made from the 90's forward.

As much as I love Pracs and what they do. I have fallen in love with the newer Vandy's. They do everything right. The new ribbon Proacs are the only ones I haven't heard yet, but I have spoken to two have have and one is a dealer. Both chose the Vandy's although they say they could EASILY live with the Proacs.

If you are looking at 2k and can go used, I STRONGLY advise listening to the Ayre AX7. I just got one and I know Johnny at Audio Connection in Verona, NJ sells them. I don't know what they go for new, but he also sells Carey, AR, Rogue, NAD and Rega along with Music Hall which is also a GREAT value and needs to be in this conversation I think. There is a reason that he carries nearly all the brands folks are talking about in this thread. He is a big Proac dealer as well as Vandy, Maggies, B&W and a few others. I haven't met a dealer who is better and I've been to many of the high end dealers around the world. He's worth making a call to if you are serious as he won't push you to what HE listens to, but he will find out what you need and then share his thoughts. Just a thought.
Tubes are more fun. Period.

You can find some information about Synthesis at:

If you are looking at solid state, a possible candidate is Lavardin. I have heard their integrated amp driving Harbeth speakers and the combination was quite good. I also happen to like Ayre for solid state gear.

My preference for speakers like the Tablettes, provided you don't need to play them at extreme volume, would be for lower-powered tube gear. There are quite a few decent brands out there, such as Prima Luna, Cayin, Ayon and Audio Space that will work quite well with the Tablettes. These speakers are good enough to be worthy of some really good amplification.

At the Washington DC Capital Audiofest, the Tablettes were set up as the only speaker system in a room that delivered some of the best sound at the show. In one sense, this was a deceptive display because the components driving the speakers were crazy good (including a $89,000 Audionote digital to analogue converter), but, this does demonstrate that the speakers are capable of performing well beyond what one would expect if given the opportunity.