Best Integrated Amp (for me)

I recently upgraded to a Pro-Ject Classic turntable. I currently own KEF LS50 bookshelf speakers and a Nikko NR-719 tuner (from the 1980s).

I'm interested in upgrading to a better-quality (and nicer-looking) integrated amplifier to pair with my turntable and speakers. I love things that are really simple and classic-looking (but of course I also want it to sound great). I'm looking to spend somewhere between $500-$1000.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated!

I currently have the Acurus DIA100 mkI partnered with Monitor Audio R700MD’s and I completely disagree with those above who said the mkII is bright.  The mkI, or at least my mkI, is in no way bright sounding at all, (although, I have read that sounding bright is the knock on some of these DIA’s).  
Mine is very beefy, sweet, and transparent sounding and I may be looking to sell it as I am moving overseas in a few months.  I am considering a smaller shoe-boxed size integrated.
I recently bought a Willsenton R8 integrated from China after it received very solid reviews. All hand wired KT88 integrated. I’m very happy. It’s my second KT88 integrated. I’m acquiring a collection. Great $1000 investment.
As the owner of two pair of LS 50s, I can tell you that they definitely benefit from serious amplification. The Rogue Sphinx suggestion seems like a good one to me.