Best integrated amp for Marten Miles 5


i am goint to change my MA2275 for a solid state. I really do not know wich one match better with my speakers. The source is a Linn Klimax DS/1 the room is 25m 2 and the wires are Hi Diamond 8.The candidates are:

Gryphon Diablo 300
Pass INT 250 or INT 60
Vitus Ri 100

any experinece with Martens or advice?

thanks in advance
Analog Domain integranted amp is another choice....has anybody listened with Martens?
marten's accuton ceramic drivers will expose any leaness or brightness however small that lay in ur system chain

i have coltrane 3 speakers and went from sia 25 to sm 011 monos to different brand valve monos. I think solid state will always sound a bit dry and lacking with Marten - or it has in my experience.
Ok. What do you suggest instead? Integrated amp if us possible. Telling the truth i listened Gryphon Diablo and was very dry...
It's a bit out there but I had a spec class d integrated from Japan in my system and it was great. Very valve like. 

Also  what about Modwright