Best integrated amp for Harbeth SHL5s

I recently sold a Bryston 4BSST2 mated with a BP26 preamp and replaced it with an Ayre AX-7E. I don't like it better although I thought I would. Anyone have a dream match for the Harbeths? I know the LFD is supposed to be great but this lazy boy wants a remote to control volume.

Pricing from $3000 to $6000. Integrated would be nice, but willing to consider separates. New or used.
There is no such thing as "best" integrated.
That is purely a heavily biased value judgement
System synergy matters big-time so the final choice can only be driven by your system and your ears.

In that regard, may I suggest the REGA OSIRIS ?

It impressed me enough to buy it. When I was auditioning them,
The LFD was my second choice.

Well worth the audition .....
just my two cents, having to experience with your speakers. That being said, the McIntosh MA600 which I do own sounds great with all the speakers I have used. The McIntosh line of integrated amps is more than worth a look. Luxman and Marantz are other brands I feel would be worthy of your consideration. Happy hunting. Please post your final choice.
I have all the Harbeths except the 40.1 and the SHL5 is a very great speaker, perhaps my favorite. I have tried it with Naim, Luxman, VAC, Classe, Pass but the ands down winner for me is Exposure. The 2010S2 model. So perfect. Please give it a try!
The new Roksan K2 BT. More power. Completely upgraded Preamp
section. Read three reviews of people who actually have listened and purchased the unit. One owner was concerned that is was overly smooth with too much color but after 200 hours it blossomed into full bloom with a very rich velvet midrange and outstanding 3D imaging and soundstage with excellent top and bottom end. Also makes and outstanding stand alone preamp with its pre-outs and would be an excellent choice to pair up with an excellent high powered Class D amp since the K2 has a warm sound which would balance well with the neutrality of Class D.
I own c7es3's and was running a Rogue Cronus Magnum for a few years. Now it's a Hegel H200. You should check out the Hegel H200 or H300 if you need a DAC. The reviews speak for themselves. I too enjoyed the Ayre but it needed more oomph.
How about the EAR 890? 70W and bridgeable to 140. The pre can be bypassed if required in the future. 70W would be wonderful with the SHL5s (which I own) and if you ever grabbed a 40.1, you could add another amp without changing the sound, but providing more power.
Naim Supernait 2. I have not heard the pairing but have read good things.
Rega Osiris - It has an uncanny way of weaving everything together nicely.
Well, I wound up buying a Luxman 505ux and I'm pleased. More grip than the Ayre and the feature set is quite nice! My home office is in my music room so being able to use the loudness control (remember those?) at low volume adds a nice punch. Otherwise I listen "straight" bypassing the loudness and tone controls. It also integrated well into my home theater system--it has a "separate" function which, when engaged, allows my home theater receiver to control volume. All in all, very pleased. I did listen to a Rogue Cronus Magnum and was really impressed for the bang for the buck and the KT120s have plenty of power! Oh, I kept my PS Audio GCPH phono preamp but for fun did try the built-in phono preamp on the Luxman (MM and MC) with my Dynavector 10x5 and it's really pretty good too.
Congrats on your new LUX 505ux Bob. They make very nice gear. I met Philip O'Hanlon in Montreal recently, and he's a great guy. I would imagine you are also in good hands with a class distributor. Of course your unit is built like a tank, but extra piece of mind never hurtsÂ…. Cheers -Don
Thanks Don--yeah, Luxman and Accuphase do have their acts together. I lust after the Luxman DA-06 DAC! I'm upgrading speaker cables and interconnect to Audience AU-24e and hope that will prove out.
A friend got great results with croft.
I replaced an Ayre AX-7 with a Luxman L505U-it was clearly a better amp.