Best Integrated Amp betw $$1500-2000

I am downsizing my system because I want to reduce the number of boxes in my living room.I am getting sick just looking at them. So, I am considering a very good integrated amp, if such a beast exists. I probably need a unit with a reasonably good phono pre-amp, and at least 100-125RMS. I have heard many good things about the Plinius line e.g. 8200 which I believe has been recently replaced. Of course, the ultimate question is how much clarity and fidelity will I lose by giving up my Aragon 4004MKII and modified PV-8. These pieces are almost 15 years old and long in the tooth. Can I assume "newer" integrated amps units may actually be better than what I currently have due to some advances in audio technology Speakers, you ask?? I currently am running the Greenmountain Europas. They are good, but I am not inpressed enough to keep them forever. I have seen and like the newly released Gallo Reference 3 which is reasonably trim and attractive and fits my downsizing mindset.Though, I have not heard them, but I keep hearing that this model is true high-end.Though, in the past,customers were not breaking down doors to hear them... But if anything, I would like more bass than the Europas provide. All opinions welcomed!! Thanks Jimbo
YBA Intetra DT!! . Best? Don't like that word, but you'll have a real task ahead of you finding 50 SS watts that can do more. I owned this baby for 7 glorious years. Moved up to the Integre's big brother. There's oodles of info on this baby on the 'gon. The DT gave me a great run...peace, warren
Yeah, I'll agree with Warrenh.

If you are willing to live with the older version who's only major difference is no remote control, then you can probably find one for as little as $1200+.

The phono stage is also great, so find one that has it (optional add on).
Plinius 8200, 8100 Musical Fidelity, Pathos, Yba all used. Lsten to them and see which is the "BEST"
Since you're making a change, why not try something different like an Audio Note Soro tube integrated with phono and then swap speakers for Reference 3a MM deCapo. It'll sound like the musicians are in the room. Some would say it'll blow away your current setup.
I'd take Albertporter's word for it with respect to the YBA. However, I do like my Plinius integrated a hell of a lot (has a good phono section, too, if you have a medium to high ouput cartridge). One other integrated that gets very little mention here but that is worth making your short list, is the Naim Nait 5.