best integrated amp.

I'm thinking about buying a new integrated in the 5k to 7k range. My main speakers are Maggie 1.7s.Any suggestions?
Recently I was seeking the same class of integrated as you.  I started with my mind set on the Pass Labs INT-150 thinking that was what I wanted (I have always dreamed of owning Pass Labs gear), but after reading reviews from some about how the amp lacks musicality I did more research and ended up buying a Primare i32.  It has not disappointed.  You can find a multitude of rave reviews about this amp on the Primare website so I won't say more, other than it has earned my highest recommendation.  It has a very nice price as well.  I did not get one with the media module because I wanted to use my own system for digital, but I hear theirs is also quite good.  Hegel also gets great reviews and has high bang for the buck, but I have not auditioned any of their amps so I cannot verify any claims on their stuff.  Good luck!
Well the title of your thread is best integrated amp. I'll say the best I've heard is my VAC 160iSE, but maybe a bit out of your price range. A VAC 160i may not be though. However, I don't think the VAC would be the best to drive your Maggies though.

There is a used Boulder 865 for sale right now in your price range that should do the trick. You may also be able to find a used Vitus RI-100.
If looking new, check out a Wells Audio Majestic, very good bang for the buck. You might also find a new BAT VK-3000SE within your budget.

Happy hunting!
I recently heard Wells Audio Majestic at AXPONA and it is excellent.

I would look at Luxman or VAC used especially if you want a phono pre included.
Ayre makes a couple of excellent ones

If the $5 to $7k is for new, then take a look at Luxman. Lots of features, built in phono and headphone stages. If you don’t mind used, there is a huge array of possibilities. The used market is very depressed right now and if you are patient, you can store a huge deal on gear that is less than one year old at 50% or less than retail.

Wells Audio, is certainly on my must-demo list!
Don't forget to list the cabling in your systems- guys!
Between Vitus snd Gryphon these are substantially more refined then anything under$15,000   and will easily compete with seperates  of similar  cost.
For Pass labs without question the integrated 30, and 60 are much better then the 150. The 30, and int 60 run mainly in class A  you will not get a more musical presentation under $10 k.
I have listened to the 1.7s with many amps including a small Cayin tube integrated and that even sounded nice. but throw an amp with some muscle behind it and they become great speakers. I've not heard this piece but owning a couple of their preamps I'd look at the ModWright KWI 200 as well.
I currently have the Hegel H300. Very nice. 
i have seen a mf nuvista 800 lately for $7500 a serious amp for the cash .12k new stereophile raved over it .
Agree with the Hegel H300, have had mine for 2 years and it steps up to new levels depending on the speakers. I just demoed with Sopra No.2 and its the best the Hegel ever sounded. I like an Integrated that has the next gear when required. I suppose the Hegel didn't perform any better the Sopra's simply let you hear what the Hegel can actually deliver. That to me is a good investment piece.
I'd think you want to listen to the Primaluna Dialogue HP.  I have the amp, not the integrated, and it sounds amazing.  I think the integrated is in the low $4K range.
Impossible question to accurately answer. Synergy will make or break any individual component.
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You might check out Vinnie Rossi's Lio, which is at the upper end of your range (ok, so a little over), but gets rave reviews.

Krell Vanguard sure is a sweet sounding integrated.
Your buying integrated and dropping 7k! Are you looking for Audiophile reference reproduction or simplicity! My own opinion, and opinions are like belly buttons, everyone has one, but integrated electronics was cost reduction oriented! Provide me more about you and for 7 grand I'll get u a preamp and amp that will blow the socks off anything integrated! Look at Jeff Roland intro amp matched to parasound preamp! Do able for 7k!!!!

I have a PrimaLuna Premium Dialogue HP integrated and love it! It easily drives my DALI Epicon 2 speakers. I don't know how hard the Maggies are to drive, but for the money, the PL is hard to beat. 
I've owned Pass Labs XA100.5 monoblocks, a VAC Phi300.1A amp with a VAC preamp and recently auditioned a $30k Burmester 911 MkIII amp and none of them beat my Devialet Expert 200 for sound quality with my Rockport Altair speakers with power to spare.

The Devialet is the ultimate integrated as it contains a DAC, pre-amp, amp, streamer and phono stage, so you'll save $$ on power and interconnect cables. Even though the Devialet 200 lists for $9,000, there are some pre-owned units on A'gon for as low as $5,500.

I can't speak to the synergy with Maggie 1.7s but I used to own 1.7s and I believe the Devialet class A/D hybrid amplification should mate well with the Maggies. You'd also have the advantage to add a second Devialet 200 to deliver 400 watts per speaker, but I doubt you'll need it.  

Hope this helps. 
I'm a fan (and owner) of SimAudio products. I am currently using a Moon 600i integrated (which I got for 5k used) with Kharma Ceramique 3.2 FE's, a not particularly "forgiving" speaker with great success. I can't weigh in on how it would work with the Maggies, but if you have a dealer near you I'd have a look and listen. I like the ModWright suggestion as well.
Wyred 4 Sound STI 500 or STI 1000 should be on your very short list. Save 5k and buy music... IMHO will keep up with any world class costing 10k. If you MUST spend 5-7k buy 2....or 3.
I did some listening with several amps to replace my cary sli80. Love the tube sound but wanted more power to drive my speakers,thiel cs3.7. Didn't like the krell vanguard at all.liked the classe integrated. But after hearing the hegel h360 I had to have it so I bought one and I'm really enjoying it so that's my recommendation it has a built-in dac so a great amp and in your budget. Suggest you get a listen. Best of luck.
Your buying integrated and dropping 7k! Are you looking for Audiophile reference reproduction or simplicity! My own opinion, and opinions are like belly buttons, everyone has one, but integrated electronics was cost reduction oriented! Provide me more about you and for 7 grand I'll get u a preamp and amp that will blow the socks off anything integrated! Look at Jeff Roland intro amp matched to parasound preamp! Do able for 7k!!!!

@pennsy, I could not disagree more. Have you heard any of the incredible integrated amps out there today?
My VAC integrated amp lists for $14K, and I have replaced $30K separates with it and I have no regrets. I know that I would have to spend well north of $30K on separates to beat it.

There are other integrated amps out there that cost far more $$$ than mine, from the likes of D'Agostino, Vitus Audio, Audio Note (Japan), Devialet, darTZeel, and many more that will embarrass many separates out there.
My general rule of thumb is that you would have to spend at least twice the cost of the integrated amp on separates to beat it. Not to mention the money saved on power cords and cables.

Do yourself a favor, and go listen to a quality integrated amp someday. You just may decide that the simple life is a good life too. ;^)
I have a McIntosh 6700 powering Martin Logan Theos. I also own SMG Magnepans from about 30 years ago, which I still have.  I was powering them then with a 45 wpc Onkyo reciever, which I still have. They sounded great then and they sound great now powered by either of my amps, the 200 wpc Mac or the 45 wpc Onkyo. But they do sound better with more power. You need power to drive those maggies. 5k to 7k, I would go McIntosh. But I really love the mac amps. In speaking to Martin Logan, they ask me what I am powering the Theos with, when I tell them their response is, and I quote, "That's some of the best power on the face of the earth, 200 watts of McIntosh is better than 200 watts of anybody else."
I have a Plinius Hautonga that I am very pleased with
The nicest integrated I've heard is a Jadis, but I don't know if it's a good match with the 1.7's. Give Brooks Berdan Ltd., long time Jadis dealer, a call for advice.
Any of you guys use a Simaudio Moon integrated? If so, how did you like it?
The most dynamic and best sounding integrated I have heard is the
Rogers High Fidelity EHF-100 and EHF-200 models
With all point to point wiring and a lifetime warranty
 You need to check these products out,
All built in the USA too  
I really enjoy my Pass INT-60!
For low power, and if sound quality is what you are really after,  audition the schiit ragnarok integrated amplifier,  this is a exceptional performer that simply makes you second guess spending 5 times more money.
Thank you for all the great responses!Im leaning toward the modwright.I think.

+1 for the Modwright KWI-200. With the optional DAC and Phono, it pushes the price up a bit but on the used market it is not so bad. I do own one so, naturally I am biased.
That said, I am completely satisfied. The 200/400 watts of SS power is not to be discounted as it more than adequately juices my Revel’s with ease and it will do the same for the Maggie's.  The power allows for lots of versatility in speaker choice!

Sidenote: If you want to keep the Maggie's forever, google the Peter Gunn website. You will be in audio heaven with the KWI/1.7 combo.

The versatility of all the input options (including balanced inputs) checks all the boxes INCLUDING a full-function remote.

Oh yeah, it sounds AWESOME! Dan Wright will tell you he went SS to meet the price-point but the sound is "in the family" - that is smooth, open and non-fatiguing with plenty of bass control without SS glare.


Krell Vanguard is world class and delivers dynamic, extended sound with accurate tone and zero artifacts.  The Hegel is detailed but lean and flat sounding.
FYI, the Modwright is single ended, not a balanced design or push pull.  Efficiency and grip are therefore reduced and the benefits of a balanced design are lost as well!
My Hegel is full and sounds alive. Speakers make a big difference on conveying  how an amp sounds!!!

No blanket statements here. Proper matching is critical.
If you could find a used Accuphase E-470, it would be "game over".  They don't come up very often but well worth the wait and could be acquired for around $7,000 or so. 

Luxman L-590AX is a great Class A amp but I am not sure what the Maggies need for power.

PrimaLuna is a awesome value as well.
g11657 -
Someone might have already suggested this (I did not read every word of all the preceding replies to your request):

Why not search Virtual Systems and see what integrateds others with Magneplanar 1.7s are using?

I think "best" is impossible to specify - even if there’s a universally recognized perfect-match-integrated-amp for the 1.7s. Your source equipment, wire, room and ears are going to influence the final sound.

I’d be looking at the Virtual Systems and then reviews of the Maggies to understand their "needs" and finally amp specs to see what equipment has the needed qualifications (though I realize numbers can’t tell the whole story). Apologies if this is all entry level and old news to you. I don’t mean to patronize.

My view of audio today is that there is a WEALTH of great equipment available. Unless the Maggies are hard to drive, there's probably going to be more than one option that will work well with them. Of course, unless you are prepared to try various amps and do a lot of A/B testing, I think it will be tough to tell "good enough" from "best".

I’d also comment that my experience with a Hegel H200 differs from dave_b who characterized it as "detailed but lean and flat sounding". Running Totem Forests with it, I found it adequate but not wonderful...lacked some high end sparkle and, consequently, excitement, but certainly not lean or flat sounding.  Paired with Silverline Prelude Plus speakers however, the sound is wonderful. Nice extension of treble and a musical and exciting sound with great imaging. Not saying dave_b didn’t hear what he heard just that the combination is critical.

Don’t know that I’ve really added anything to the discussion. The idea of "best" does seem kind of illusory to me. Have fun. Hope the Modwright you are leaning towards works well for you.

True Toneranger...implementation is everything!  I use an MIT Oracle AC2 on my vanguard with the newest Oracle IC's and speaker cables plus my speakers are efficient high current capable designs (Krell )


are you running an -all Krell / M.I.T system?
Yes...all Krell/MIT!

+1 jmcgrogan2....welcome to 21st. century folks...i would not dare to take separates that cost lower than 50000eu...
Anyone here ever use a Simaudio I-3 integrated? If so, how did you like its sound?
@jafant .......sent you a pm.  Thanks.

Thank You- carmenc.