Best Integrated Amp

Best match for Acoustic Zen Adagio (89 db/6 ohms)and AMR CD-777?
Like detailed, transparent,3D deep and wide soundstage.Mostly listen to jazz small ensembles,acoustic music (piano and guitar).

Gamut si 100, Triod 845 SE, Viva Solista LT, AMR AM-777,Sugden, EAR ?
APL UA-S4 should be on your list.
The best sounding integrated amp and the best sounding amp period is Mastersound. Nothing else comes close. Mastersound Caesar uses the 32B output tubes. I have owned a lot of amplifiers over the years such as Mark Levinson the originals and Madrigal versions, Krell, Audio Research tube and ss, VTL, Manley, Quicksilver and many others. All of those amps sound ordinary after experiencing the Mastersound Caesar.
I own adagios and found that sim i5.3 works well with adagio.I know its solid state,but man talk about detail,3d.I listen to predominatly jazz.
you have just described the sound of NEODIO intergrated.I Use it in My 3rd system;dcs Puccini-Neodio-Heavily tuned adagio.I have tried the Adagio with many ,nothing come close o the performance of NEDIO.A true bargain in my opinion2
New Audio Frontiers 300b Special Edition: I wont call it the best in absolute terms, I wouldn't say that about anything. I will`say that it is worthy of consideration among the best, IMO.
The Ayon Triton is right up there
I compared the APL with the Dartzeel combo, the MBL(6010/9008) combo and the BALabo combo and still own the APL.