Best Instruments in Analog

Certain instruments just sound more _real_ when you hear them reproduced from a record as opposed to digitally. Some would argue that everything sounds better on a record, but I think certain instruments give you a better return for your investment into vinyl than others.

My favorite instrument to hear on vinyl in my particular system is the saxophone. The analog soundwave is smoother, and I think it complements the smoothness of a saxophone's timbre.

So, which instrument do you think sees the biggest upgrade from digital to vinyl?
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a digeridoo !! it sounds waaaaay better on vinyl.
the human voice
I agree on sax. Also on vocal harmonies. I notice vocal harmonies and call-reponse sequences better on my LP rig. I enjoy small group jazz and small group acoustic pop/folk much better on LP--MJQ, Brubeck, Gary Burton, Keith Jarrett, Gordon Lightfoot, Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, CSNY, and old style acoustic country and bluegrass.

Finally, I don't think digital so far can *touch* analog for playback of violins. The rise of digital recording and playback corresponds to the ever-shrinking market of classical music sales. I don't think it's coincidence.
the kazoo, but i doubt anyone will invest in a turntable to campare. everything sounds more real in the summer in a car with the window down.....seriously, its really the recording, and the playback system as it fits into the room, not the media.
Trombone - sounds warmer and more full - haunting at times.
Electric guitar. Consequently R&R just sounds better on vinyl, despite the thinner spectral balance that one typically hears with most vinyl as compared to the more visceral punch of digital.