Best Inexpensive Tuner?

I need a FM tuner for my home system, but don't want to shell out big bucks (more than $300, new or used). Can y'all suggest a few options?

Dyna FM-3 can be had on ebay for way under $50 most days.
You might find a used Luxman T-117 for under $300. Fair warning, last I heard Luxman no longer supports the US market.
Luxman T110 -88
Pioneer TX-9100 or 9500II
Tandberg 3011
Yamaha T2 for approx $300 beats Magnum Dynalab! I had them both.
vintage Scott. There is a 350c out there for $350 it is a real beauty I have a similar unit and it is real pleasure to use.
There are many choices for good vintage tuners in that price range. Do yourself a huge favor, spend a little time at

If you want to purchase new, I highly recommend you contact Don Scott, who used to review tuners for S'phile, you can find a link to his e-mail at the above site.

You could easily spend well over a $1000 and still not equal what you would get by purchasing a good vintage tuner.
For new try the Parasound tuner. I forget what the model number is, however, they only make one. It runs about $450 retail.
Stay away from tube tuners unless you are a technician. one of the best in that price range is the old Sansui tuners like the TX-9900 about 200 to 350$. Luxman tuners are also plentiful and good performers


For a modern digital tuner with all the bells, and a remote, take a look at the Marantz ST6000. It even has two separate FM antenna connections, so you can could use two stationary directional antennas for best reception without the hastle of adjusting the antenna.
The Onkyo T-9 (analog) and Luxman T-02 (digital) are two of the best budget tuners I've heard. The NAD 4020A and Proton 440 aren't bad either, and can be found used for reasonable prices.
the adcom 1A is real nice sounding and built like a tank!
eBay for $100 or so but they don't turn up very often.
I just got a Mcintosh MR-74.this beast is beautiful and sounds awesome! I paid $500 for a truly MINT one but you may be able to do a bit better on price if you see one in eBay.macs are worth every penny imo.
Try a Scott, Fisher, Marantz Pioneer solid state tuner, like a LT112b or a Scott RCV (using the tuner section). Built like tanks & smooth sound- better than you would imagine. find one for under $50. I found the Dyna FM-3, TU717 to be overrated.
Contact Don Scott. He always has some good modern vintage and new tuners to sell. Don't forget a good antenna!
Donald and Eloise Scott
BYW/FYI, that Marantz ST6000 is Don Scott's favorite new tuner. For a few dollars more, he has some he has modified to make them even better than the already good stock version.
Sugar, Don Scott knows whereof he speaks. He made my vintage accuphase 30 - 100% better in nearly all specified dimensions. It is dead quiet under no signal conditions and more dimensional than ever on live BSO broadcasts. I'm sure he could do the same for the Marantz unit.
Ivanj I agree. What I am saying is Don Scott already has some brand new Marantz ST6000 that he has already modified, which can be purchased right now. I think he wants about $450 for them. The stock unit sold for $300.

The HiFi Choice Best Buy review is at:
Note the Europe model reviewed has 3 frequency bands.

Sony ES550! I love mine for $125!!
Sugar, I'm with you 110%!
If you want a good sounding unit with
remote that is brand new with 3 year
warranty, try .
They sell a new silver unit for CAN $
849.00 including shipping. At current
exchange rate, this is $525 for a new
unit, 12 presets, cool looking snd has
excellent remote control. I bought one
for my son's system which he is taking
to college. In some ways, better than
my Mac 78.
.......was glad to see David99 mention the Adcom GFT-1A, I bought one for $140. here on A'Gon and it produces clean, clear, non-fatiguing music when connected to a good antenna. Cheers. Craig
Hands down, no competition in my experience, you can't beat the little Creek T43(retailed for $700) tuner, which can be had or $400 range used! I would put this tuner (with good antennae) up against anything for this price range..anything! It's very very very good, and pulls good stations.
go find one, and you WILL NOT be dissapointed. Good luck
Real cheap, worth every penny: Denon TU 260II.
I totally agree with Lthkeepr about the Creek T43, but there is better news. The Cambridge Audio T500 is basically a copy of the T43 designed by Creek with slightly cheaper controls and the like. Once the T500 breaks in it is scary how well it images, let alone how it actually pulls in stations all for a mere $279 from Audio Advisor. Don't forget Audio Advisor has a 30 day return policy. My T500 was a great purchase that really surprised me.
Agre with the Yamaha T2.I got one as a fluke (part of a whole stereo as a package on the cheap from somebody who was moving) and founf it had a cult status/I have always like tunes with the highly selctive Schotz circutryas in older NAD 4 series and Nakamichi ST7's.
Denon TU-800 would be a good used recommendation especially if you live in an urban environment or where favorite stations are close to adjacent strong signals.
One of the cheapest and sweet-sounding tuners is the Sansui T-80.

Don Scott
Try the T2 for $299 from:
I don't think this is the Yamaha people mentioned above. I'd like to know where you could buy that one.
I asked Don Scott exactly what he does when he mods tuners and / or for spec's (Sensitivty, Selectivity etc.).
Never got a response. Maybe he's too busy.

But I would want to know exactly what measured improvements to expect before paying out money.
It depends on the tuner. Some tuners can benefit from simple tweaks, others need more work. A simple tweak would be to disconnect an unused something like an antenna outlet. A more involved tweak would be replacing components in the IF strip. Don has experience with many tuners. If anyone is interested email me and I'll send you a before and after of what he did to my Accuphase performance-wise. Don's kind of like a Dr. He needs to examine and apply his experience before he can apply science. But, he doesn't need to give away his secrets!
Again, I have listened to a couple of tuners, and still do not feel this Luxman I have (T 110u) isn't a slouch. I listened to an Accuphase T 100. My friend, and I compared
these two in his living room. We both felt that the bass was a little deeper, and bigger with the T 100, and it might have been a *litlle* richer, but the Luxman's bass was solid, and tight, and deep enough. We both felt the Luxman was crisper in the midrange, and a little more dynamic
I did not go home feeling like I had to have a new tuner. I felt the Luxman was still a very, very rich sound, and not thin like some claim. The soundstages were really indistiguishable, yet I feel the Accuphase would beat the Luxman, but not in every category. Because I like dynamics, I am happy with the Luxman on a good Jazz station, because of the midrange.
A tuner without any IC chips, the Accuphase, I am sure has an edge, but with the newer chips, there seems to be more control, and dynamics. The Accuphase has a huge transformer,
and that is a lot of the reason that the bass is so big, and I have to have good bass, but the Luxman, is a very, very good sounding tuner, and good bass weight, with good control.
Oops!!! I am now buying the Accuphase from my buddy, who was disappointed with the Accuphase, but after listening to
this a little more, I will have to conclude, that it may be a whole 'nother level of sound quality. I don't want to altogether compare, because both are very nice sounding. I tend to look for break neck dynamics, but I can see that, that isn't the criteria. The separation, timbral accuracy, tonality, deep bass, and 3 dimensional sound, are definitely there. I keep thinking I have a trained ear, but I get along better when I just realize I really don't know.