Best Inexpensive Platforms

What are the best inexpensive platforms to set my amp / oppo on and speakers on?  I’d like to set my kef xq5’s on a platform so that they are more stable and easy to move around.  

Vibrapods for electronics..Can't say for the speakers..
Springs. Mine specifically. 
hi geoff, I was thinking of ordering the Extra-Large Brilliant Pebbles, I was wondering if they will break in before the end of the 30 day money back guarantee period?  
They take about a week to break in. And they’re directional. I’m not hot doggin you. 🌭
Near my home there's a shop that cuts granite counter tops, and outside there usually is pile of scrap pieces behind the shop. The owner didn't mind if I scrounged around for some pieces, and I found some that were just the right size for an amp and power conditioner. Once when I found an irregular shaped piece that was a little larger than what I needed, the owner allowed me to pay a shop worker who was on break to cut the granite down to the size of rectangle that I needed. The shop worker was happy to do it for $30 or $40 bucks.