Best inexpensive interconnect/speaker cables?

I'm looking for inexpensive interconnect and speaker cables to use with Cambridge Audio integrated amp and CD player. Also, will connect DVD and TV to amp for two channle audio.
Any suggestions? Thank you.
Try the Linn Analogue Interconnects; it seems they come free with Linn equipment. They're nicely made, 1.2 metres standard length and directional. The black ones list for $80 but sell online new and used for $40 or less.
Audio Art cables are not just good sounding reasonably priced cables. They are good sounding cables period.
Check out Cobalt Cables. They are sold online only. I have used both their speaker and interconnects with good results. I am not affiliated just a satisfied customer.
Try Stu Wein at His mas interconnects are good. has good, cost effective cables
Better Cables is very good. The video cables are superb. The audio cables are an excellent value.
I use Blue Jeans cables in my Cambridge Audio system. Good bang for the buck.
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I have a Cambridge Audio D500SE CD player connected via JPS Labs Superconductor FX to a JoLida 502B. The change from factory interconnects (simultaneous with changing speaker cable to JPS Labs Ultraconductor) really made a big difference.
I have had excellent results with E-ticketcables. What you get for the price is so good, I have never wanted to upgrade.
Sheffield speaker cable (the same people as the Sheffield Record company)
I recently bought some Zu Cable, the Oxyfuel interconect.
I really like it; neutral, detailed, fast and airy.

Along with their website, they have an Ebay store, where all is sold on auction. You can get some phenomenal deals there.

If I am not mistaken, the four guys that started the company are ex-Kimber employees.

I believe there is some talk of these cables at Audio Asylum.
Linn the "Silver" and Linn Speaker Cable
I agree with Dlanselm. Higher end Linn gear is perhaps guilty of being outrageously priced (like much in the audio world) but their cables are some of the best deals on the market. If you can't afford Silvers, which are around $160 used (never buy them new), then Rockvirgo's suggestion of Linn black interconnects is a very good one.
Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I have spent over a week surfing through the different cable sites including Blue Jeans Cables, Homegrown, Speltz, Better Cables, Zu Audio, Audio Art, Anti Cable, etc. I may be more confued now then when I started out. Anyway, I kind of like Zu Audio although Linn has been favorably recommended. I remember years ago using the Linn speaker cable (grey) and thought it was a great cable.

Thanks again.

Audience Maestro is another that is a GREAT bang for the buck.
The Zu Mobius replacement cable I had for my Sennheiser HD 650's was excellent. I am not familiar with anything else in their line, but these guys definitely seem to know what they are doing.
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i really really like the signal cable stuff. I have used it in a few systems and its always musical and all get out. Cant reccomend them highly enough. And yes i have other cables to compare it too.

If you want to step up a notch the reality cable is also excellent.
Try the Esoteric interconnects sold at Parts Express (part # 186-002). At $24.46 a 1m pair they provide some pretty amazing performance. As far as speaker cables go the Dayton 10 ga. (part # 100-028) is very hard to beat for the price ($38.18 for 50 feet).
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