Best indoor FM antenna, your experience.

I am not able to do an outdoor antenna where I live.  Looking for the best I can do with an indoor antenna.  Stations I want to listen to are 50 to 80 air miles away."
Hi whatjd,

I searched for this for a number of years, trying all the options I could find (including MD, Terk, Godar, Radio Shack, etc).  The Audioprism 8500 is the by far the best indoor antenna I am aware of, hands down.  Please note it is not at all unobtrusive - about 5' tall, 12" in diameter - it looks like an ASC full round tube trap.

Best of luck.
I use the largest indoor Terk makes and have it in the attic pointed toward most of the stations in my area. It is used with a splitter for two systems works great and is the only one I find that works.
It is not clear if you have an attic space available. If you do, using an outdoor directional FM antenna mounted in the attic is a great idea!


Thanks to all.  It will be in what they call a condo (a glorified apt).