Best IEMs ?

What is in your opinion the best IEMs if price is no object ?What i mean by that is IEMs that can rival full size headphones in the 2-4k price range.
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Good question. One thing which drove me away from IEM's was their tendency to break. I'd love to hear comments about the "best" IEM where the durability aspect is included.
I'm a newbie regarding IEMs that's why i'm asking.I've never been curious enough to even try IEMs at shows.People talk about 64 Audio Fourté, Empire Ears Odin, Noble Audio Sultan, Vision Ears Erlkönig.... but i don't know nothing about them.
I have the top Grado IEM......Very musical.  Bass doesn't interfere with mids or highs, very open, clean and clear highs....wonderful.
I Love my Custom HJ Laylas
Best IEM price no object with approval of the headfi community is the Japanese marvel : Oriolus Traillii JP , $6500