best ics for cd55

hi everybody can you help me with my cd55 to bright for my system. yamaha receiver,sonatinas and ht pro silway mk11 ic
i know the amp is a huge hole but the fm tuner is easer to listen to than the cd can any body help me with the ics.i do have a audiomat prelude on the way.
regards dick
Just wait for your AudioMat is the cheapest solution!
I found Stealth PGS Gold XLR's to quiet it down better than Cardas Golden Cross with better detail.

Bill E
I echo the first response about waiting to listen to things again after you get the Audiomat. It should be a real eye-opener for you to say the least! I am using the CD-55 myself going directly into a VAC 30/30 amp, and have been very happy with the sound. I was also using the Pro Silways for a good while, and find them to be very well balanced all around. I have since upgrade two times on the cables, and have settled on a pair of Pure Note Epsilons. Similar tonality, but far better detail, dynamics, and speed than the Pro-Silways Mk.IIs. Happy listening!
Wait for the amp. Your current cables may be fine in the new application.