Best Ic`s between Amp-Preamp or Source-Preamp ?

Thanks to all of you for your opinion ?
Your question is too broad. You should mention what comprises your entire system, although you'll still get fifty different answers.

If you're in the USA, contact The Cable Company for some suggestions, and utilize their cable lending service.
Shoot!! I thought your question was unnecessarily complex. :)

Audio Teknes are easily the smoothest, most detailed, and ultimately the most musical ics I've yet encountered.

Then I took a gamble and had extra sets double-cryo-treated by Cryo-Nebraska. After a few more days of burn-in they regained all of their previous characteristics, except now they offered perhaps (an arbitrary) 25% more clarity. Extremely detailed.

When new and immediately after cryoing they will sound like relatively cheap silver ics (the ATs are a copper litz) but give 'em a 100 hours of play time.

Only next time please try to keep your questions brief. It almost felt as though I was reading a short story.

top of the line stereovox are one of the best cables around
Hi Olimpico,

Between the source and preamp.

I misunderstood your question. (the hazards of 2 am postings).

In my experience and the experience of a few friends the ic between source and pre is always far more influential (critical?) than the ic from pre to amp.

source to pre, for these tympanics, yields the most for the $$.
pre to amp is most critical in my system
The two areas I've noticed the biggest change in my system have been between my turntable and phonostage and my preamp and amp. Both have been more obvious than my cdp>preamp or phono>preamp.
Source to Pre most impt in my system.
Thanks to all of you for your helpful answers.
Well... if your true source is what comes out of the wall... then the "interconnect" for the source components, pre amp, and amp that is most important is the connection (PC) from the wall socket to the power conditioner and from the power conditioner to the source, the pre, and the amp... I know that's not exactly what you were thinkin' in your original post, but my experience has been... what feeds my beasts, and the quality of it, is what makes them roar the way I want 'em... jmho...