Best IC options for Reimyo CDP777?


I have just added a Reimyo CDP777 (please check my system below) where I previously benefited from the excelent SIltech FTM4 Gold IC with my previous Accuphase cdp.

Not sure if this is now the best option for the Reimyo (this CDP is just another world of playback engine) so I will appreciate your feedback sharing your knowledge here.


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Nice system! We have similar tastes in equipment. I also have the Reimyo with Duos and a Berning Siegfried amp. I agree the Reimyo is something special. I was surprised at how much better it was than the Audio Note II/Levinson 36S DAC it replaced. I think the IC you have now is very good and unless there is something specific with the sound that you dislike, I would not change it. A change to a different IC would be just that; a change and not necessarily an improvement. I'm not very familiar with the Demarzio cords. You might want to consider a warmer cord such as Cardas,Purist,Transparent,Audience.