Best IC and Speaker Cable for DIY

Please post your experience and what cable you come up with the best result by terminating and choosing the plug yourself. Im looking for some great cable that can be bought by ft/mtr(bulk). PS. I have done belden stuff :)
I have tried several speaker cables(premade) from Kimber,DH Labs,PS Audio,Nordost,Audioquest,etc.and I always go back to my DIY's made with Canare 4S11 cable.Slap on some good connectors and cover with techflex then enjoy.
I have read that the Neotech cable is supposed to be killer. I haven't heard it, but I might try some here soon.
Thumbs up on the canare 4s11. I've used it and it's the perfect diy solution.
I purchased some bulk 10 gage power cable from my local home depot that worked pretty well...took nearly $500 to find something better used...
Another vote for Canare 4s11 for speaker cable or, if you don't need that big a cable, the 4s8 works great for lower power uses.

I've tried Canare microphone cable for interconnects but found I like Mogami 2534 better. It's easy to work with, as well.
Be care about Home Depot's.When everybody was saying what a great bargain it was,mine in the bedroom was turning green inside behind the dresser.Didn't find it until moving and cleaning.The visible part looked fine.Contamination inside I guess.It was 12 gauge.
for $12(apprrox)supra has a 1.6 speaker cable that is truly revealing.All cables are exellent for whatever reason,however as important of an element is isolation of vibrations,sounds, as well as quality cables(home depot?) Its easy to get great cables without alot off money Lots of DIY cables for the curious It just doesnt have to cost a fortune to enjoy music Good Luck
I recently made up two pairs of XLR ICs using the recipe on the VH Audio web site. This involves winding 28 ga OCC cotton-wrapped silver around a 1/4" O.D. foamed teflon tube, then wrapping with teflon plumbers tape. I covered this with flexible mesh tubing and terminated with Vampire XLR plugs. Very pleased with the results. More open, transparent and natural sounding than the Tara Lab Air Is that they replaced.
I have tried Canare too. but the performance was not night and day with belden. Looking for several highend cable that can be bought by ft/spool. I will consider Neotech as their upocc is intriguing as well as duelund for its silver foil with silk/oil insulation. need more suggestion from you guys..