Best IC and SC used under 1000 dollars for my system?

I am looking for an IC and speaker cables for my system. I decided to buy used because it`s a better value and maybe -guessing, I am not a tech guy- the break in time is going to be shorter. 
I need only 60cm IC and 1.75m-max.2m- SC. I am listening to mostly orchestra, but Massive Attack and Norah Jones are also on the playlist.
My system is the following: VPI Classic tt, Ikeda 9TT cart, Gold Note PH-10 phono, Primaluna Dialogue Premium HP with EL34 tubes, and waiting for a pair of Cube Audio Nenuphar Mini.   
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Yeah, good luck on that one. Suggestions will be all over the place.
Did your power cord give what you were hoping to hear?

Once again, subjective, and only your ears know what's best. Certainly, no one here.

 I use all Nordost from the wall. You can be assured, someone will post they find it does "this or that" so use brand "X" Nordost seems to be a polarizing brand.

I hear it as what it's intended to do. Pricey, but you can find used for half the MSRP or better. I wouldn't touch the stuff for retail, otherwise.