Best IC and SC used under 1000 dollars for my system?

I am looking for an IC and speaker cables for my system. I decided to buy used because it`s a better value and maybe -guessing, I am not a tech guy- the break in time is going to be shorter. 
I need only 60cm IC and 1.75m-max.2m- SC. I am listening to mostly orchestra, but Massive Attack and Norah Jones are also on the playlist.
My system is the following: VPI Classic tt, Ikeda 9TT cart, Gold Note PH-10 phono, Primaluna Dialogue Premium HP with EL34 tubes, and waiting for a pair of Cube Audio Nenuphar Mini.   
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Solid silver DIY using DH Labs interconnects.  They are brittle, due to the single solid silver conductor, but damn hard to beat.