Best I pod docking bases

Christmas is fast upon us and my Kid's who live 24/7 with their i pods implanted (when not in school... I hope) want a docking base to turn their little wonders into "stereos" for their rooms.
Does anybody have an opinion(stupid question here, I know) on the musicality of the various options out there: Klipsch i-groove, Apple i pod Home Stereo, Bose SoundDock etc. CD's are about as digital as I get so I am a little behind the times.

I thank you in advance for your input.
Check out Psiberaudio's iTube and active/passive preamps. It may be overkill for most kids but I would've loved such a system when I was a kid.
Check out the Monitor Audio unit on for $149. Bypasses the iPod's crappy DAC.
Check out the Monitor Audio unit on for $149. Bypasses the iPod's crappy DAC.

Monitor Audio's iDeck may be a good suggestion, but the later statement is misnformation. The Monitor Audio unit does not bypass the crappy DAC in the iPod, as AudioAdvisor advertises. That, according to, Monitor Audio. See this thread for further information.
Hey Bbroussard, what's crappy about the iPod's DAC?
No way to bypass the DAC and get a SPDIF or Toslink signal to send to an outboard DAC. Most folks actually don't think that the iPod DAC is all that crappy.

To get the most out of your iPod you should be ripping Apple Lossless or .wav.

And instead of using the headphone out, get a high grade cable that comes out of the docking port to your preamp - this is a fixed level line out signal that is not attenuated by the iPod volume control. it is a more complex cable to build, and its more delicate (especially for on the go use) but it sounds much better.
Get a Logitech docking system you'll be imaze how good it sounds and powerful.