Best Hybrid Amps. Tube Solid state amp

What is the best Hybrid Amps people have heard. Which is a Tube solid state Amp. Has anyone heard the Counterpoint SA 220, NY Audio Labs Moscode 600 amps, the Conrad Johnson Evolution 2000 Amp, or the Audio Research D160 or the M300 Hybrid Amp
Of this question there is absolutely no question Lamm 1.1 or 2.1
Anyone had any experience with those Randy White builds at Llano Designs. I've heard some wonderfull things. What have y'all heard?
The Lamm's as mentioned above(include the ML-1/2) and for the money the Pathos Twin Towers is superb.
I have the ARC M300 Mk II's and they are wonderfull. I will upgrade most of the other components in my system before replacing these.
I'v heard the Audio by Van Alstine Fet-Valve 350hc amp is very good. People on Audio Review have raved about it.
Twilo, I think this is where things are headed. The new Vt100 is looking more and more like a true hybrid. I have had experience with Blue Circle BC 2 and am currently using a Music Reference RM200 (Modjeski from counterpoint) and have found it to be amazingly good and really a giant killer with Kt90's as the outputs. It is a hybrid.
I own Blue Circle BC 2.1's which are upgraded versions of hte BC 2's. The advantage they have over the much more expensive and more powerful Lamm 1.1's in that they are single-ended, which gives them a touch and refinement that are impossible without it. This means they can't drive all speakers, but it means that those they drive, they make magic.
get a used Counterpoint SA20 or 220,send it to the creator "Micheal Elliot" ,have him up-grade it and you will be on top of the world,did that,and good luck to you,bob
I agree whole heartedly with Usblues101. Get a used Counterpoint sa-20 or 220 and try it like it is. Try using new tubes (Svetlana or Mullard or any NOS original tubes) to tailor it's sound to your tastes, and I bet you will find performance that will impress you for less than a grand. Best deal in used audio, and you can have it re-built by Michael Elliot later on.
I own 3 amps.I have a Moscode 600.15 years old,never saw the inside of a repair facility.It must be on about 12 hrs before you listen; makes it hard to audiion.Worth maybe 300 on the used market/but not a bad buy. I own Music Ref.9 mk2,An Audio Research giant killer/unless you like your tube amp to sound 'sorta' solid state anyway. I had a vt100 in my house,back in 95/96 whenever they 1st came out.My dealer offered me 500 trade/I would have had to pay retail for his .After listening I was under impressed/and started to question Stereophile/the magazine.But,hey Moscode 600 (Twillo) and Lam1.1(Acuujim) quite a dollar discrepancy.What speakers are we (mouse/in/pocket)contemplating/own ? Surely this is THEE important factor.Sound Labs?/ Go for the Lamm. Mirage?/go for the Moscode.Music Ref for the in between speaker. It has user friendly trim pots and led's,for biasing and can use el34-6550-kt66/77/88. Make it sound like you want.MR1 ain't the same.FYI.
I have the Llano Trinity 200 hybrid (upgrade from Proceed HPA-2), with BAT VK-30 pre and Wilson-Benesch Act One speakers (Muse 9 front end). I love the Llano--very musical, great detail and bass control.