Best HTIB??? Need help

Gee....i found this super,duper deal and just wanted some positive reinforcement 'fore I plunk down my hard earned cash. If you could please, please, please check it out for me I would be very grateful! Thanks in advance!
It's a bargain Dragon,I only wished I stayed in the USA.
Gee! Cool! Anybody else?
Er Dragon I was only kidding,you are worrying me,are YOU serious?
If you are I would think even if this deal is legit that I would have serious concerns,you could buy better kit and set it up in your own home without the various risks involved here plus you would know what you are getting,the descriptions are very vague.
The feedback in parts is worrying too.
You're pulling my leg aren't you?
Its "fully insulted", equipped with "Onkio" driving Bose "acustamass."

One question, Does it have wheels? If so, its a no brainer.
"You're pulling my leg aren't you?"

Gee , Mr. Campbell...I don't understand!
I don't have room in my house but I got this patch out in the back yard all cleared out! Are you saying Onkio and the acustimass'es aren't any good or what?

"One question, Does it have wheels?"
Gee! I don't know but I'll check!

Oh yeah! Did I mention the hi-fi VCR?!?!

There's like 10 bids already think it'll go much higher?
Thanks you guys....this is really cool!
"the descriptions are very vague."

Oh yeah...what do you mean by vague?
Thanks again!
Yup get it and charge $5 to your friends and neighbours-you'll have your money back in no time and a state of the art of the art home'll look good in the back yard.
Sorry I didn't mean vague,I meant the descriptions sound like they are in vogue.
"Yup get it and charge $5 to your friends and neighbours-you'll have your money back in no time"
Gee...that's a little high but I guess I could include popcorn and sodas!

"Sorry I didn't mean vague,I meant the descriptions sound like they are in vogue."
That's OK...I screw up sometimes too!
Dragon,just make sure you don't screw up here-don't lose this auction proxy bid 10$k at least-it's a bargain.
Distortion...I checked with the manufacturer and it does not come with wheels. Do you see this as a major problem?

Also...I'm having a little trouble finding the specs on the Onkio Premium sorround sound receiver...I'm pretty good with the internet and all and it's as if it doesn't even exist. Appreciate any info on this unit. Thanks again!
"Dragon,just make sure you don't screw up here-don't lose this auction proxy bid 10$k at least" 5 bucks a shot...that'd be 10000 divided by 5...uhmm, that'd be like 200 give or take a few tickets I'd have to sell...minus popcorn and beer....hmmmm!?!? Well I wouldn't expect to get ALL my money back, but maybe a little anyway.
I would consider wheels as part of the tweaking process.
Imagine too if you get an industrial freezer unit you could cryro the whole theatre--you could also charge 50 cents for use of heavy coats etc. to your visitors,store the ice cream inhouse too.
Is Plan 9 From Outer Space available in DTS?
I just noticed you said "Its "fully insulted"....LOL!
I think you meant "insulated"....haha....that's OK ..I screw up sometimes too!
"I would consider wheels as part of the tweaking process."
Ah ha! you mean like dampening or something?

"Is Plan 9 From Outer Space available in DTS?" ????
Sorry....I musta missed that one.....but what's that got ta do with ice cream and heavy coats?
The same seller's got these cool little Ballet leotards too..
but they only got em in a large and medium and my little girl needs a small....darn!
man...I knew I should have bought two pads at the trailer for my mansion (trailer) and one for my theater (storage shed)
Nah you dont need wheels for isolation. I think there there are vibrapods big enuff to handle the weight, if not just use multiples.

I was thinking more along the lines of mobility, yunno this baby could make one helluva "tailgatin' machine." Just add a portable generator and BAM, your in style for the game.

Did I mention "keg cooler?"
"Ultament" "Onkio" "Acustamass" :-)

Now I know where Eric Rudolph was hiding all these years!

"Ultament" "Onkio" "Acustamass"

Wow, it is about time the white van "stores" started offering HTiB. This whole market segment was underserved. I'm glad they've got a high end system with "Onkio" cause the Yorxx, while very nice at the price, was just too mid-fi. Maybe they'll get "Entegra" soon for the true audiophile crowd.

Pumping gas and buying your audio system at the same time is greatly underrated.
I just talked to some guys in a white van, and I think that they have some speakers that could really improve the performance of this system. It's a closeout! I'm sure it's a great deal because the speakers are BIG!

I do think Oinkio would be a great name for a cable maker. Build up some ferrite filled power cables and make them look like sausage links. Different cables optimized for different components. Bockwurst for Mbl, clearaudio and other German companies. Bangers for British audio, pepperoni for that Italian sound etc.