Best HT subwoofer betwwen $2k-3k?

I'm looking for a subwoofer for my Home theater set up. My speakers are B&W 805's driven by a Conrad Johnson 5600. Comments please???
A little more info, such as room size, would be helpful.
Since this is just for HT, have a look at one of the powered cylinders from SVS subwoofers. You can't beat them for bang for the buck.
I don't think you can beat the sound, quality, adjustability and set-up features of the DD-12 by Velodyne.
Mine works great for music and theater. Retail 3K
Another vote for the DD-12. My DD-12 was the most significant upgrade that I have made to my system, and it was by no means the most expensive.
Another vote for the Velodyne DD subs. I have the DD-15 and love it.
Home Theater or 2 channel, the DD series of subs from Velo can not be beat. The Aerial SW-12 gives it a run in 2 channel, but the flexibility of the DD series (built in room eq) and the power, quickness, and finese of the Velo make them a hands down winner in my book!

Are you a DIY person ?
The Velodyne can not be beat.
i have velodyne dd-15 luvs it and you will too great in my
ht and matched with my kharma grand ceramiques unbeatable
WOW! This seems to be the Velodyne fan club! My room size is 17x25. the ceilings are angled, and 2 of the walls have a lot of windows on them. This will stricktly be used for HT. I appreciate your comments and will begin looking at the Velodyne. I'm in the DFW area. Are there any retailers in this area that anyone is aware of?