Best HT Speaker "package" for under $2500??

Yep, I'm cheap. It's for the HT room.

get a used processor here and a multi channel amp, and spend the rest on good new matching line of speakers. Others may differ but I think used for youe source is a great idea...buying all the same manufactures speakers will give you the best image of sound possible.
If you already have a good 2 channel rig in a dedicated room maybe look into Definitive Technology for theater speakers...good price and performance for movie sound.
Check these out. I have a friend who owns these and they are an amazing bang for the buck:


If you're looking new, according to June edition of The Perfect Vision, you should be looking at Energy act6, Paradigm Atom, B&M VM, Epos ESL3, Mirage Omnistat, Totel Dreamcatcher, Infinity Primus 360, Magnepan MGMC1, Focal Chorus, PSB T55.
If you're looking here used, you ould go up a notch ot two, but it may be tough to find someone schleping a fully matched sytem.
I suggest you get a copy of the Mag, and see if you can back into one of their more expensive suggestions used.
For starters, head off to sites like these:,, You can buy pre-configured packages, design your own, and there even some on sale (Today only! just kidding on that part...). All have excellent offerings in this price range, and all have been highly thought of by reviewers and real people. The "best" part has to be up to you, 'cause your best may not be any of ours, etc. You could even go w/ a more top-end 5.1 combo (at Ascend, for one example, where you can get a Hsu sub in the deal) and still have lottsa $$$ left for content.
Take a closer look @ Totem Dreamcatcher you'll be amaze how these small speakers will perform on your HT room.
5.1,6.1,7.1,8.1,9.1,or 10.1?
Check out Aperion Audio. I use their 522-PT's in my HT and they offer a great value at the price!
Too little info to generallize even! You must give room specifications. You can't recommend the same speaker package for a 20x25 ft room vs a 9x11 foot room, sorry!

You can take a look at NHT Revolution Series.

For 5.1 set up:

3 M5s for Front speakers ($500 ea.) (box speaker)
2 L5 for rear speaker ($500 ea.) (on-wall)
SW10 active sub ($500 ea.)

Total package $3000.

If you work with your local NHT dealer, I'm sure they give you a package price close to your goal.

Add a Denon 3805 or Yamaha RXV2500 and you have an awesome system.