Best HT Receiver for Digital Cable...


First off I would like to say this is a great place for HT info and thanks for all your responses.

I'm in a process of building a simple HT setup. I have put a Sony KDF-55XS955 LCD RPTV on the top of my list as well as the Infinity TSS-1100 for speaker duties. Now I need to find a HT receiver.

I watch all my TV and movies through my digital receiver provided my local cable co. in Canada (not satelite). I need a high quality receiver to decode the receivers 5.1 movie signals. Since I rarely buy or rent DVDs I came up with either the Denon AVR-1705 or the Sony STR-DE897.

Is there anything cheaper/better for my application?

Thanks again!
The others to look at in that price range are the new digital receivers from Panasonic's XR series or the JVC RX-F10.
Hi Newbie 13,

I have been doing a lot of reading since my last post and have changed some equipment for my setup to audition. I agree, the Panasonic SA-XR50 receiver is top contender and the price is within my budget. Everybody has raved about its sound quality but how does it handle video signals being directed to each channel creating realism? Is Denon AVR-1705 still better in this regard?

TV monitor will still either be Sony or a Panasonic 50" LCD or DLP RPTV. And most likely Infinity TSS-1100 or a slightly more expensive compact modular system by Infinity.

Would appreciate any feedback for my proposed HT setup?

I'm not understanding ""video signal to each channel"
Hi Newbie13,

Sorry! Meant to say, how is the receiver's ability to steer sound to each of the 6 speaker channels to create a seamless soudfield.