Best HT in a box speakers

Looking for an affordable 5.1 HT in a box for a second system. Any suggestions? JBL? Sony?
My friend recently purchased the following system on my recommendation, Acoustic Research HC6 speaker package and a Yamaha 85w/ch 6.1 receiver. So far I haven't heard from them as their tree was still up and in the way,(they also want me go back to NY to hook everthing up).
Closer to home I recommended to my brother just last weekend a Athena Technology Point 5 speaker package with their AV-P400 sub and a JVC RX-DV31SL receiver/dvd combo.(He needs a combo for space saving reasons, the NAD L70 is out of his league).
It looks like I have purchase it myself for him so he doesn't get a complete HTIB system with their inflated power ratings at 1KHz @ 10% THD, etc.
Hope this helps.
Def Tech makes a decent $1k system
Check out the link to CNET below, they rate several and give high marks to Onkyo and Panasonic.
sorry... i didnt mean HTIB i meant satellite speakers. I already have a good set of speakers for audio so i want small ones for HT so that they wont look bad in my room... i was thinking of those HTIB speakers - satellites and not the receiver since I will be using my denon.

Any suggestions
I recently picked up 5 HTM-200s from Ascend Acoustics that I'm driving with a Denon 1802 receiver. I already had a Boston Acoustic PV600 sub to complete the package, however Ascend Acoustics also sells HSU subs for complete package systems. Overall the HTM-200s are compact, have crisp highs and rich mids, and enough lower mids/upper bass to blend well my BA sub. They seem to be able to play quite loud without strain, and are designed for on wall or near wall placement. I have no association with AA, however I think the HTM-200s offer excellent value and were just what I was looking for.
Cambridge audio sight has a combo for around $550 including a DVD player and amps. Got good reviews - stereo review said they were the best speaker value in America. Sounds as good as Bose cubes for a lot less (which might not be reassuring enough - but for the price, it beats all the big names like sony, pioneer, etc.)