Best horn speaker under $1000 for Jadis

I am considering another set of speakers to add to my Jadis Orchestra Reference. I would like to find a nice, used pair of horn speakers that I can find for under $1k.

I have about 45 watts out and have been listening through a pair of Dali Helicon 800's. I recently hooked my McIntosh MC300 back up to my system, and I noticed that the extra power brought out a lot much punch than the Jadis does. I am hoping that horn speakers might deliver something new that will cause me to change from the Dali's.

Any recommendations on speakers or even strategy on going from Dali's to horn speakers would be greatly appreciated.

I would like to possibly trade or in any case, not outlay more than a thousand bucks in the process.

Thanks - Matt
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the jadis is a great amp(a classic in fact)...but just switching to a horn loaded design isn't(in of itself) going to make 'magic', which the dali will with a well matched power amp.....working from the speakers backwards(whatever the speakers may be)is the best way to get the sound you're looking for. experiment before ditching the placement, etc
I bought my Klipsch Cornwalls here on this site for only $600, and they are often seen under $1000. I would very highly recommend them, you can find out all about them on the Klipsch website.
Look for old Altec's or Klipsch......
Jaybo - I am trying to pick a direction to upgrade in, if that makes sense. I have had all McIntosh gear for years and recently found Audiogon. Shortly after that, I purchased the Helicons and was very pleased.

Then I heard about the Jadis, found one, bought it and fell in love with the new sound. I immediately bought a nice DAC, a lot of great cables and find myself at a crossroad... either build around the McIntosh/Dali system or focus on the Jadis as my primary system. My pocketbook is stifling me from optimizing both systems.

So, what I am ONLY THINKING of doing at this point is seeing if is feasable to match a pair of horn speakers up with the Jadis to see if I can 'hear the voices right in the room with me' as I have been told is possible with Jadis and the right horn speaker. It also has to fit my budget.

I think I am suffering from upgraditis... but I sure would like to hear some horns attached to my Jadis.

Jaybo - thanks for reinforcing my choice in the Helicons.
the jadis would match well with the klipch heresy, and the heresy is fun to listen to, but one of the reasons I haven't sold much equipment over the last decade, is so I can mix things up a bit when upgrade-itis strikes. the mac275 has been around my place for over a decade, as a piece that strikes a 'best of all worlds' chord..muscle with finese, but isn't that different from the mac 300. I wouldn't worry too much about the last word in either the jadis or the dali for now. sometimes critical listening is a pain, no matter what equipment you own...there's always 'down the road' and both pieces are great.