Best hookup for Link Dac 2 and Sony S9000ES

I have a MSB Link Dac 2 and a Sony S9000ES sacd/dvd player and want to connect them to my Yamaha RXV995 receiver. What is the proper way to do this? I want to utilize the dac but still need to feed coax/digital to the Yamaha to get Dolby Digital and DTS. Suggestions please!
Does your receiver have a digital out also? If so, run the Sony into the Yamaha and then out the Yamaha to the Link DAC. Also, I know the Link DAC can pass through a signal without going through its DAC, but that may only be analog. Check the manual. Not sure if a Y adapter is a good idea, but you could try that.
No Sugarbrie, the receiver has no digital out. I also realize that in order to use sacd's I have to feed the receiver analog out from the sony to do it because the analog out from the link dac will not pass through sacd. What about using both digital outs? Coax for the link dac from the sony and toslink out from the sony to the receiver for dvd's, and of course dedicated analog out from the sony to the yamaha for sacd. Does anybody else know if this will work? Anybody out there try this or know if it will work? Im gettin a tumor.
I would say give it a try and find out. While my way of thinking is that only ONE output from the DVD player should be seeing signal at any specific time due to loading, Sony's engineers might not see it that way.

If that does not work, i would contact either Ric Schultz or Dan Wright and have them mod / upgrade the 9000. It would be FAR better sounding than the stock MSB once that was done. You could then run the analog out on the Sony for all modes and be done with it. Less fuss, mess and connections and you could sell the MSB to help pay for the mods. Sean