Best Home Theater sub or subs for a large room

I am building a dedicated large home theater. The dimensions are going to be 32 feet by 25 feet. There will be three levels of seating. The back of the room will have an 8 foot ceiling. The front will have an 11 foot ceiling.

How many subs?
Which ones are recommended?
Where would you place them?

I would like to spend less than $2500 for the sub or subs.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The room is modeled after a theater at See:

Nice room!...I'd probably want 6 subs in that room. Two front, two side wall, two rear.

Eight would be even better. (forget the $2,500...IMHO)...although, you could get 6 HSU Research subs for around $3,500.


The Jl Audio F 113 is an easy answer. It is extremely powerful with the tightest low bass response around it is a bit more expensive than what you mentioned but it is winning awards
left and right for the quantity and quality of the bass.

You are better off paying less for your theater seats and getting great components.
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While I must agree with Dave that you'd be better off with several subs (I'd personally use four) if you really want one to fill the room for that price, I'd consider the Definitive Technology Trinity sub. This thing was designed to fill a church and can output something sick like 128 dB @ 20 Hz! It's $3K retail, but I bert you could get it for $2,500 and it will definitely fill your room!

A single JL Audio sub woofer would be where I would start with wiring for additional subs to come in later. The JL audio sub woofers are amazing.

Two I would spend less money on fancy seats and put more money into the components.

I checked out the Bradford Wells site, other than a very nice looking site their theaters are nothing spectacular and quite frankly illustrate a lack of knowledge about what current state of the art products and room tuning is all about.

For starters no one who is building a state of the art theater today will recommend a micro perf screen from anybody! There are much more acoustically transparent screens out there which have 1.5 db reduction of high frequencies, no moire, and no comb filtering effects.

Also an M&K or even a Genelec based Theater is second best to a JBL Synthesis or other Horn based systems.

Many of the seats in their pictures look like high back recliners which are a no no in a real theater.

There is no mention of tactile transducers, power conditioning, real acoustical treatments, proper cabling etc. This is a great deal of looking good.

If you want to really get your monies worth hire a real home theater professional.
If you have the ability, the Infinite Baffle sub systems are the way to go. The is a forum called "Infinitely Baffled" that has tons of info, and I did it in my room, which is a couple feet narrower than yours. I used (4) 15" drivers in 2 manifolds in the floor, the bass is better that any sub I ever owned (Velo, Def Tech, Earthquake, etc.) for movies, and music. I use them all the time. The effect of the floor shaking is the best for movies. Anything else for a dedicated theater is not going to be as good, IMHO.
You will not believe it, and the total system, which included the 4 drivers, 2 pro amps, 1 xover, and the wood for the manifolds was around $1000.
Good Luck !!
I would recommend Velodyne DD18 to shake your nice room. I have been using it since October last year and literally, my neighbor has reported me of shaking his house at night!
Get a used Velodyne DD-18. My room is huge, it is 22 feet wide 70 feet long with a 22 foot high ceiling. The Velodyne DD-18 brings the room to its knees begging for mercy. Fast accurate and tight bass. A real slam-bam earth shaker.
Also check out the Vandersteen subs. One is better for 2-channel systems seamlessly blending low bass with the main speakers, the other model is more geared towards home theater. And both are well-built and reasonably priced. Widescreen Review magazine wrote a nice review a few years back.