best home theater sub for b&w 802

I just recently upgraded to b&w 802, htm1, and 805s for rear. before that i had definitve technology. so i am kind of new in the sub market. I am roughly 80% theater and 20% music. i was wondering if anyone has had this system and what they used and why. also has anyone heard the mcintosh ps112? any thoughts? thanks for all the help.
Go to & order the Subwoofer Guide which is loaded w/ 50 or more sub reviews. Widescreenreview, has to be the authority on .1 LFE, this guide will have speaking subs in no time. I would p/u this magazine & read it from cover to cover before even auditioning any subs.

Or check out B&W's site as they just announced a Nautilus Subwoofer on their home page. Not as huge of a footprint as the ASW3000 & ASW4000 where.
I have this exact setup. I have been using a rel stentor. It not only is a great sub musically but it matches the 802's with the cherrywood with the black glass on top.
Check out the new B & W sub and put the Revel B-15
on your list of subs to research/demo.
Build your .I bought two tumults.nothing compares!
I have the ASW4000 which is no longer sold. It's big with a 15 inch woofer and 450 watts. It shakes the room. My son calls it feel-a-vision. I stayed withe Nautilus 802 fronts the scm;s for the rear and the ht1 center. Best home theature that I've heard. Need plenty of power I used separate amps.