Best Home Theater Speaker Cable

Any suggestions on the bests speaker cable for home theater applications? Minimum 15 feet in length for the front channels and 40-50 feet for the rears. It seems as though most of the speaker cable on this web page are 8 feet or shorter. Any input?
My personal advice, for what it's worth, is to get the best wire you can afford for the left/center/right speakers, but save some money on the wire to the rear surrounds. My home theater setup uses Kimber Kable 8TC wire for the front speakers, and a Monster Cable 12-guage "zip cord" type wire for the rear surrounds. Since the rear speakers are going to provide ambience and fill-in sound, it is not necessary to spend megabucks on the wire.
8TC up front and 4TC in the rear. If thats too much try 4PR for the rear. In the case you may have in wall for the rear you may even try Catagory 5 wire it works well for rear wire as it is not that critical. I have now moved to the Monacle cables in the front and 8TC everywhere else.
i'm using acoustic research, don't know the model, each cable is actually a pair of what looks like 12 ga., you simply twist the ends together and no worries about impedance drop on those long runs behind the couch; $40/100 feet at audioadvisor
I'm running a Denon receiver and found that the monster cables ("Time Correct Windings") sounded as crisp as the other cables that I was running at a significantly lower price! I'm running 12 guage (10' runs) for the mains and 14 gauge for the surrounds (35' runs) and the center channel. I would suggest saving your money and spending it on cables in your system that will be experiencing a much lower signal to noise ratio, such as on the interconnects. I'm running Kimber KCAG's. Back to the music now for me!