Best Home Theater Seperates below $4K

What are the best Home Theater separates (amp & processor) below $4K? Also what is the best DVD player less than $1K?
If analog music playback is a primary requirement, as well as the HT side of the house, then the Classe' SSP-25 (which I own) is the choice at $3000. It has DTS/DD/THX, and a true high-end analog bypass mode for analog sources, and the unit sounds, spacious, and, on the analog bypass, a wonderful pre-amp in on it's own right. If analog is not a concern, or focus, the Parasound AVC-2500, at $3295 ( usually about $2800 with the RF for DD LD's), has OSD, and a tuner, as well. All it's analog inputs are first converted to digital, however, but the sound is very good. I never find the Classe's lack of an OSD to be an issue, as the display is very well-done, conveying all information needed. Also, when I am doing a "balance trim", on the fly, no OSD to distract the viewers. Multi-channel amps from Rotel and Parasound are about $1000, so the $4000 budget could be satisfied. Hope this helps. I researched the processors extensively, and had $3000 for my upgrade. I was able to get the SSP-25, with the internal RF, a line conditioner, some upgraded cables, and some new small signal tubes for my JoLida 502, all for the $3000 price point. Mike Colwell
BTW: The Pioneer Elite DV-05, at $1000msrp ($700 street) is, hands down, the best under $1000 DVD player. Mike
Although I do not own Parasound gear but rather some Proceed and Aragon gear, a friend of mine does. I would strongly suggest you audition Parasound in your price range. Until recently I was unfamiliar with the brand but am certain that this brand represents a very good value combined with very good performance.
Not saying anyone is wrong above, but I think there missing out on the King. "Lexicon" for Home theater. You can pick up a DC-1 for about 1700.00 from a store if they have any trade ins. As for amps, the ATI1505 is a very good amp, I have heard it and it's smooth. Also look at reveiws. As stated above Proceed and Classe are very good, but if your interested in pure A/v and not so much audio, I think there are better value's out there. Also if you want to save a few bucks. B&K REF20 and AV5000ii combo is a great way to go. Has very good reveiws. I have heard it and was very impressed. I know B&K is upgradable, but have not talked to them about Logic7 and EX formats. Brian
I've auditioned the B&K Ref 20 as well as the B&K 3090 preamps. the 3090 wasn't as good as my Conrad-Johnson PV10A preamp with a Wadia 12 DAC for 2 channel music, so I didn't returned it. the Ref 20, however, seemed about equal, plus all the additional inputs, S-VHS switching, and DD/DTS processing makes it a good buy, IMHO. never heard the new Parasound, but the conversion of all analog to digital makes me wonder about it's 2 channel analog abilities. as for amps, I've tried the Parasound 2200II, now discontinued, 225wpc model. great amp. big, heavy, and plenty of power. I suppose subwoofers also count as separates, so I vote for the Def Tech PF15TL, which I've owed for a year now. 15" woofer + 325 watt amp for ~$700 = great bargain.
If you can find one complete, the Angstrom 200 & 205 with DTS is BY FAR the best sounding unit in this area. Not even close (sorry Lexicon and Meridian). THE BEST amps are Acurus. The are hard to find, but well worth the effort. DVD player is the Sony 7700. Most useful features and qualty.
I'm in the same process so let me tell you what I did. If you don't mind buying used equipments, you can build a very decent system. These are what I bought and will look for 1. Classe SSP-25 ($1400 shipped) 2. Citation 7.1 power-amp ($1000 shipped) 3. B&W ASW100 ($500 shipped) 4. B&W Matrix 802 S2 (in progress of buying for $1900) 5. Sony DVP S7700 ($700 new) Hope this helps
For anyone looking for a manual for the Angstrom 200, I took the time to scan it before I sold mine. So please contact me if you want a pdf of the Angstrom 200 Manual.
I see quite a few people on here looking for that manual and I could not find one online either.