Best Home Theater Processor Used 1K-3K Range

Hi all,
Looking for a Home Theater Processor that has an HDMI input and does all the latest formats, DTS-HD MA 7.1 etc, that I can pick up used in the 1k to 3K range. Preferably no speaker outputs if possible. No mass market crap, ie Panasonic, Sony, etc. Can anybody suggest anything good that I could scoop up on Ebay or Audiogon? I currently have a modded Oppo BDP-103 and am using all analog outputs to an Onkyo preamp and am looking to upgrade sound wise. I am also looking to upscale 5.1 sources to 7.1 which the Oppo can't do.
No need to buy used - get the Emotiva XMC-1. This is a killer processor for very reasonable money, $1999. Go to

RW, are you an Emotiva dealer? Get an Emotiva seems to be your answer to any question about what to buy. Now my second question is why OP would be using analog outputs from an Oppo 103 rather than a 105?

RW, the same might be said about me being an Oppo dealer, because I usually suggest that if analog input is not required connecting an Oppo 105 directly to amps should be considered, because an Oppo 105 can do many of the things a processor is expected to do.

After checking out the current Anthem MX series, I would recommend it.
Once again, one of these days someone will do a comprehensive AB comparison review, comparing Oppo digital out to a dedicated AV preprocessor -for both music and movie applications(DD/DTS HD) - vs analog direct out from the Oppo! Thus far, can't remember reading such a thing.
Anyone know of a professional A/V review covering the above subject??
Would be awesome. Thx
I've done a comparison running an oppo 105 2.1/5.1 analogue. I sold it and bought the 103 and bought an Emotiva UMC-200 which had eq adjusting, better volume control, the XLR connections were killer compared to the RCA' s in the oppo 105. Overall sound quality was better defined, smoother midrange as the oppo seemed very lean. Also you could adjust different crossovers for any speaker with UMC-200 instead the oppo only allowing one crossover for all. The oppo doesn't allow when running floorstanding( full range)speakers with sub for 2 channel to set speakers full range( large)- sub won't activate. The front speaker setting needs to be set at small for sub to run. For movies the sub ran fine. I am waiting the XMC-1 as they are backed up with pre-orders. The UMC-200 was -$800 shipped was $600 cheaper than the oppo 105. A real no-brainer.
Nuforce AVP-18

7.1 preamp/ processor ~ $1095 new

Latest technology and codecs and all HDMI inputs

Go to the Nu-Force website and/or Google for the reviews ... It convinced me enough to buy it to pair up with my hi-end power amps.

Highly recommended
Thanks, appreciate the input.
My JC-2 is packed for shipping to Parasound for a by-pass mod, so I've been using the Oppo 105 direct to Proceed HPA 2 & 3 amps that drive KEF Reference 107/2 mains and 102 surrounds. The JC-2 replaced a Cary Cinema 11a, both of which I'd guess are at least the equal of if not superior to the Emotiva UMC-200. The sound of the Oppo direct to the amps without preamp or processor is a quality I could easily be happy with.

Barcardi, I just did a quick scan of the XMC-1. Seems interesting! What is the power rating? I hope it's at least 150 Watts per channel.

In addition to sound quality and latest video technology, it says that it has excellent zone management. How is your current Emotiva for ease of use regarding music zones? I have various speakers I want to listen to depending on where I am in the house & backyard. My friends new Yamaha is fantastically flexible and easy to use regarding zones.
I'm not sure what your standards are for "best". Is there a dominant preference on video or audio or are both equally important? Some pre-pros will have better video options and even 4k scaling.

My personal preference is the Anthem pre-pros. The audio is fantastic and their room correction—ARC—is top notch. Video processing is incredibly granular and you can fine-tune several elements. The 3D models sport 4 HDMI 1.4 ports and 4 HDMI 1.3c ports.

I'd then recommend you look at the Integra and Marantz pre-pros with Audyssey. The Integra models come with ISF calibration and day and night settings for each HDMI port. the Marantz pre-pros have been getting fantastic reviews and Michael Fremmer made the Marantz his choice. You can get the Integra, Marantz, and Anthem 50v3D in the 1k-3k range. I don't know what your Onkyo model is and what you are finding limiting in the Onkyo.

I have not owned Emotiva products so I can't speak to how their pre-pros are.

I'd be curious what specifically you are not happy with and that may help in recommending a product that suits your tastes best.
Save your money. Buy new.
Emotiva UMC 200 7.1 $599
Take the other $400 & take your wife out for a nice meal
Maybe do it twice
You will get laid and the music will sound better

I've sold my UMC-200 and in regards to the Xmc-1, there is no power rating. It is simply a multi channel pre/processor with no amplification. I have not purchased the xmc-1 as I am awaiting a custom server,outboard power supply, and high end dac. You'll also need to run a separate power amp with XLR's or rca interconnects.

I have never tried multi room zones with the UMC-200 so I can't help you in that regard.
I also am looking for feed back on A REALLY GREAT PRE-PRO!!!
I have a Halo 5-Channel amp that is really GREAT! OPPO Blue RAY- & Mirage M1-si X 4 + Mirage center channel & a sub.
Does any one have a ANTHEM D-2- IS IT REALLY ALL THAT?????
Thank all for any real help you can offer...
You can get a brand new in box Marantz av8801 from music direct .. and it kicks ass! I own one and paid a little more for mine.. best pre/pro for the $$ IMO!!!