Best Home Th Pre-Pro under 4K ish - used

I am looking for best pre-pro for home theatre. Good audio (stereo) is secondary. Dynamics, excellent processers including D/A, definition all important. Must have ease of use and quality S-Vid. Switching. Reommendations to me have included B&K Ref 20, Lex MC1, Proceed avp, meridian 561. Any pluses and minuses appreciated
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The B& K Ref 30 is the best hands down.The unit is upgradeable Software & Hardware.
you can get a meridian 565 & 562v for about $3K used. superb stuff. it has everything and then some, but it won't be upgradable beyond what it has now. good luck. sab
I've got a Krell HTS. Killer stuff. Tons of inputs and outputs, that killer blue power light and high resale value. Krell's reputation is for brutally accurate reproduction of sources and that's exactly what the HTS gives you. I see some used units coming in at the 4k range. My only complaint with mine is that it doesn't support 5.1 analog input so I can't buy a DVD-A unit. Krell says they will offer upgrades periodically so I just have to wait until they design something for the HTS. Good luck.
Theta Casanova, highly dynamic, best bass management available, and fully upgradable.
Another that I feel deserves a mention is the EAD Theatermaster Sigature. Very high quality DAC, upgradable, looks BEAUTIFUL, can be had for $3000-$4000 used.