Best Home Office HiFi Systems Under $10,000 and $20,000.00

I realize that most audiophiles consider the tipping point of excellence at a system above $15,000. The reality is that many individuals spend less to accomplish their goals. So over the last year or so, I have compiled an excellent "Home Office" system at a shade under $20,000 that sounds like a Million (in my opinion). Here is my small office system at/near the 20,000 price point:

McIntosh MA 252 Hybrid tube Integrated Amplifier:               $5,500.00

REGA P8 w/Ania Pro cartridge                                               $4,995.00

Ortofon ST-7 Step-Up MC Phone Stage.                                $   800.00

Bowers & Wilkins 705 Signature Speakers                             $4,000.00

Marantz Network/CD player ND8006                                      $1,500.00

NAD C 427 AM/FM Tuner                                                       $   549.00

REL t/5x subwoofer                                                                 $.  699.00

TOTAL:    $18,043.00

I think pound for pound this system is ridiculous and in some ways surpasses my main media room system that costs over twice the price. These small 705 signatures, balanced by the REL true subwoofer sound is a joy to listen to. The Marantz 8006 has digital radio, bluetooth, and cd built in, and at $1,500.00 provides the totally analogue Mcintosh MA252 with a multi-digital option. The REGA pentultimate P8 turntable is unmatched at its price point. I did add a Zazen 1 platform to further shield it from noise and vibration and added a $350.00 acrylic dustcover but those items still keep the total price under $20,000.00. I added a nice 2mm PatheWings cork/felt mat to lower the bass line ($50.00) and also bought a custom dust cover for the MA252 to keep the exposed heat sinks and tubes/valves clear of dust and debris ($400.00). The total is pushing $20,00 with all the extras but no over the line.

My $10,000 system is also a wonderful kit, though somewhat less expensive yet still worthy of consideration:

Technics SU-G700 Integrated Amplifier MK2                         $2,699.00

Cambridge Audio Alva TT Turntable w/HO MC Cartridge.     $1,199.00

KEF LS 50 META Speakers                                                    $1,699.00

Music Hall CD 15.3 DAC/CD player                                        $  650.00

Mcintosh MB20 BT transmitter/receiver                                   $ 550.00

NAD AM/FM C427                                                                   $  549.00

REL T/ZERO Subwoofer                                                          $  599.00

TOTAL:       $7,945.00

This system is an absolute gem. The Technics SU-G700 is widely acclaimed. It's visual presence with the retro VU Meters is awesome and the quality of its components is unmatched at this price point. With 140 watts of amp power at 4 ohms, it has more than enough gravitas to extract the full spectrum of sound from the LS 50 Metas, which are also a widely acclaimed reference speaker at this price point. 

The Cambridge Audio ALVA TT with Bluetooth APTX quality is an excellent value in its price point to the extent it comes fitted with a well-reviewed High-Output moving Coil cartridge which costs $500.00 in its own right. The table is a direct drive unit that is reminiscent of the Technics 1200 and the tonearm is a REGA RB220 that is pre-mounted with the ALVA MC HO cartridge.

The McIntosh BT Receiver/Transmitter is the class unit in this genre. It is accurate quiet and can do double duty if one has wireless headphones to pair with the Technics AA-class headphone jack. The Music Hall CD DAC unit provides 3 additional digital outputs in addition to the excellent CD player and is a bargain at $650.00. 

Again, I didn't go for pure value, I went with the best in price to outfit a nice little kit in the under $10,000 price range.








most audiophiles consider the tipping point of excellence at a system above $15,000

I'm curious how you arrived at this generalization.

The only thing that matters is that you are happy with your choices.  That’s more than I can say for many people around here. 

I created an office system over the last 20 years. It is not shown, as are my others under my user ID. I find an office system has different requirements than other systems. For me… a turntable is definitely out… an office is to work… think… if I get interrupted every 20 minutes the whole problem or thesis collapses in my mind and I have to start over… kind of like rebooting a computer… only if it is complex thought it can take a long time to reload all the facts and think back to the point I was interrupted. So, no turntable. Absolutely no radio… ancient history. Streaming is now and the future… no CD player or TT.

Since generating a soundstage around my desk is “near field”… I needed to be really careful to make sure the sound was natural and “round” (taking the word from the Blues Brothers). I also wanted the speakers to be beautiful. So, I put together a set of Totem Mites with a matching small subwoofer, and integrated PrimaLuna amp, Schiit Gungnir DAC (if I was not retired it would be a Yggdrasil), Woo WA6SE headphone amp, and I drive it using my PC as a streamer… I could increase the sound quality with a LUMIX or Aurender streamer (but I am now retired). So cost? Let’s see, 9K without headphones… I have several $3K+ headphones from my library system.


BTW, the sound of this system is quite amazing.

I have 2 systems in my main office and a newly built headphone only system in my 2nd office. The system listed below is my older headphone system and it is about $12K. I think it is in a class by itself. Does not sound like regular headphones nor 2-channel. If someone has a crappy room for an office (maybe way too small) I recommend this system over ANY 2-channel.

RAAL VM-1a headphone amp | RAAL SR1a EARphones | Benchmark DAC3B | Sonore OpticalRendu streaming


I have 4 tuners in the house because I have one of the best radio stations in the world over the airways. KCRW. I also have a predictable but decent and good sounding classic rock station.

I love KCRW for the music but last week one of the DJ’s did something that would make people here happy. He started playing a great Stevie Wonder track and about a minute and half into the song he stopped it and said sorry I am playing the wrong version. He said, "this one is some compressed crap version. I meant to play this uncompressed version". They also spin records when they have them.


@mervo I think GREAT radio is essential when you are working. I recently bought a very expensive Magnum Dynalab MD108T tuner. It think it is about $8K and I bought it to listen to KCRW. I paid $5K with a trade-in of a MD102 tuner It sounds great BUT I later learned that the sweet spot for tuners are the vintage ones, especially if it has been refurbished by some experts.

I bought a Sansui TU9900 for $700. It was refurbished by a Sanusi refurbisher in Oregon and it sounds excellent. A tiny bit warm but I have it on my Benchmark stack so a good match.

I also bought a Accuphase T-101 for $1100 from a superstar refurbisher. He sells on A’gon and I met him in person to pick it up. This unit is incredible. Not as warm as my tube MD108T but so engaging and CD quality sound.

I also have a $500 Sony XDR tuner modded by this star, I need to use a $500 RCA cable to make it shine but it is an excellent unit and has the best reception of all my tuners. I use MD ST-2 antennas on the Accuphase and MD108T.

Radio is still a huge part of my work day, especially from 9AM - 12PM when KCRW plays music only.

I also have Qobuz and Tidal and 3 Sonore OpticalRendu streamers. So I know all about streaming. A lifetime ROON user from 2015, before they had a product.


If I were to build my 2 channel office system today. I would consider the new KEF LS60 active speakers ($7K). It would be great in my 12 x 11 x 9 office. I think 2 analog sources can be used, 1 with each speaker.

The only thing that matters is that you are happy with your choices.  That’s more than I can say for many people around here. 

Way to dunk on a lot of people at once. 

I'm a little embarrassed to think about what I have invested in my "office system" since my main source is FM radio and it the volume almost always down pretty low, since I work in my office and that often involves phone calls.  I'm guessing about $5K-$7K. 

Almost everything was purchased pre-owned except for a 5 disc CD player I never use and a Music Hall 2.2 turntable that also is almost never used. 

On the occasions where I can turn it up a little, it sounds great and I wouldn't be embarrassed to have most of it in a main system.  Maybe the turntable.  Two or three pieces were in my main system at one time. 

I was using "The Absolute Sound's" editors choice wherein they started at about $15,000.You will note that I also recommended a below $10,000 system also. I used new prices because used/pre-owned equipment varies in price, from Audiogon to US Audio Mart to eBay, et al--the prices fluctuate by several hundred dollars or more depending on the system itself.

For the record, I also have a smaller hifi system in my daughter's playroom which is less than $7,000 all in and includes a McIntosh MA 162 and a Cambridge Audio Alva TT turntable pushing KEF LS50s. If you enjoy your music, the floor to enter into starts anywhere.