best high sensitivity full range speak under 15k

I am looking at opinions on full range( ie down to 25hz), easy to drive speakers that can be driven by 60 watts or less, even SE. Do they exist?
or do you have to go to the big speakers that need SS and lots of watts to drive if you want full range. Something like my Vienna Mahlers would be an example fo this breed.
I second the VS DB99 recommendation. They were immediately the speakers that came to my mind as well. Excellent performance, little power necessary to drive them (99 db efficient).

Dear Downunder: Look at JM Labs Utopia Be line for the small ones and you can mate it with a pair of Velodyne's.

Here you could have a real full range stereo system with high efficiency and very high performance, hard to beat.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Downunder your room is sweet!!
Avantgarde Unos or possibly Duos. I drive mine with 7 watts.
The Fried Studio 7's are 90 dB sensitive and relatively benign 4 ohm impedance. The dealer said he drove with them a 15W SET. They are full range with tight accurate bass. I am still evaluating the mid range and highs, but so far am fairly impressed. The MSRP is $6500.
high sensitivity. real world bass....a klipsch corner horn.....invest the rest of the cash in music.
VSA DB-99 or Zu Definition. Both great speakers, but I'd probably give the overall edge to the Von Schweikert.

I am a representative for Zu.
Could not help but to jump in on this thread,which I never
do. Look no futher but the Zu-Definition mk1.5

Efficiency of 101db - Pwr.Rec = 5-500 Watts. $9k/pair in
standard finish. Custom Finishes = Option.
I run them with 3-60 Watters

Link below to my Website.
email(address on website) me if interested.

Great Reviews too.
Bgpowell. I agree fully with your description of the bass with the Studio 7. Tight, full and fast--better than much of what I've heard out there. I never was able to get a good enough demo to evaluate the midrange and highs. I'd be curious as to your thoughts. Did you purchase the Frieds? What are you using them with?
I own db99's powered by 11 watts of tube amp....goes down to 21 hz..that's full range to me and I don't own the supertweeter addon that goes way up.
Ooops, I forgot to add....I'll be hearing the Daedalus DA-1 over the holidays. It would fall into this catagory at 96db efficient and from what I've heard I may be in for a treat. If anyone is still following the thread I will chime in after hearing them. If not, I'll start a new post with a review. Also, what about the Montana EPS2 at around 90db? I haven't heard it but hope to soon. Many have praised this speaker highly.
I saw a pair of used Overkills on Audiogon for around 17K I heard them while in new york. WOW. Your listening room is very nice, WOW. Tighter bass may require just a sub / monitor combination rather than a pair of floor standers.
Anything by Coincident Technologies. All can run on as little as 3 watts and sound amazing usually for under 10k.
I recently acquired the Legacy Focus 20/20, retail about 7K with their top veneer. I had it hooked up to an Audio Aero Captiole 50 watt class A amp and it did wonders. I am not sure it could be bettered but am looking just in case. It goes down to 20 HZ. Hope this helps Sensitivity is 94
I have the Reimer Tetons and am using Lamm ML1's 90 watt push pull tubes. The Tetons go down to around 16hz. These speakers will give you full range sound and have a very flat response throughout the frequency range. They can be run on as little as 8 watts.
Forgot to mention, that I also had the VA Mahlers and replaced them with the Tetons. The Teton's have a deeper and tighter bass response than the Mahlers in my system.
I second Elevick....anything by Coincident Tech.
Zu Definitions would fit into your classification of requirements for full range easy to drive speakers.
Zu Definition - 101 dB, 20-20kHz. 4 rear-firing, powered, woofers. $9k per pair.
Von Schweikert DB99. Designed for low power driving such as by tube amplifier. Superb.
Devore Silverback References. Full range (21Hz to 40kHz), stable 8 ohm impedance, 91db efficiency, $14k. They replaced a pair of Vandersteen Model 5s in my reference system. They sound wonderful with tubes or solid state. I've stepped off the updgrade merry-go-round.
Check out the new Bastanis Apollo, i heard them at RMAF, they sounded incredible.
I purchased a demo pair of the Fried's recently. I am in the middle of running them through the hoops. Unfortunately, I have had limited time to listen due to travel. What I have heard is very natural and uncolored. I had to rearrange one end of my room to get the most out of them. They required little more distance between the listener and speakers than my previous pair. I had been using Newform Research module 30 with a Baby boomer sub.

thanks guys, quite a few to look at. now I need to find out if any are available in Australia.

Ben, as a part of Fried, I'd first of all like to THANK YOU very much for your purchase! Welcome to the family, I'm sure Bud would be very proud to have you aboard.

Secondly, please contact Fried Products to make sure you have the latest iteration of the crossover. I have not yet heard it, but a pretty significant modification was made earlier this year which ups the performance - supposedly not in a minor way either.

Thank you,
Ben, I'd love to hear updates as you break in the Fried's. Feel free to contact me off the thread.
For those interested I just posted a review of the Daedalus DA-1 both as a forum question and a review under the Learn zone. I'd be interesed in your thoughts.