Best High Output MC

It seems like it's getting really hard these days to find a preamp with a decent phono stage for even medium output MC even among the very top end preamps. Given this fact, a high output MC or MM seems like the reality for me if I want to upgrade my preamp but keep a good phono stage. What do you think are the best of the high outputs or MM's or is it better to look for a separate phono preamp to accomodate my MC?
If you don't want to get involved with selecting impedance loads that is very essential for the MC cartridges or have no such possibility in your phono preamp than you should take MM. You should research among clearaudio carts such as Aurum Beta S...
I'm the fan of medium output MC cartridges since I use passive preamplification. In this or say more precise both cases you should match it to the tonearm and turntable. The next step is phono and the loading. Look for the specs on load impedance of each cartridge and select the phono preamp with appropriate gain and certainly class for the cartridge selected.
Be aware that some phono stage MM inputs are too low in gain to even properly accept some HO MC cartridges. I have talked to some people recently that had 2.0mv output MC carts, and the output was insufficient to get decent volume levels. Check with the maker of your phono stage.
My feeling generally is you want as much flexabilty as possible. The Phonomena phono stage from Musical Surroundings is infinitly adjustable via dip switches with adjustable gain settings via same route.

An outboard adds another interconnect to your total cost.

As far as a terrific preamp with a very good phono stage, Art Audio's VP1 is a great choice. MM or MC configuration.

That's the rub with built in phono stages It's either or and loading is generally not selectable.
I have been very happy with the HO MC I picked up used on Audiogon, a Dynavector 20x-h. It is rated at 2.5mv (the low output version is rated at .25mv), and my Plinius 8200 integrated's phono stage handles it very well. Incidentally, I remember reading unconfirmed reports that the 8200 Mark I's phono stage is essentially their Jarrah standalone phono stage, built into the 8150 integrated and dubbed the 8200.

However, you may be looking for the much greater level of detail and resolution that LO MCs provide, to which the above posts would be more applicable.