Best high end monitors?

I'm considering monitors for a 2 channel setup (to be paired with a couple subs - probably JL Audio Fathom 113's).

Looking for suggestions on brands/models to consider. I listen to all kinds of music, but mostly rock and jazz. I'm looking for large soundstage, detailed with with meat on the bones.

I don't have a set budget, but wouldn't go as high as Magico Minis or anything crazy.

Thanks in advance.
meat on the bones ... mbl 101, ohm walsh, hhr-laser tls-I, german physics - only walsh-like omnidirectional drivers can do it (forget decware,morrison,duevel)- they put much more well distributed energy into the room - the hhr-laser (ohm f remake) is even a singledriver-pointsoure - think about that.

best affordable 2-way monitor ... genelec 8050A - progear,active,8",cast aluminium cabinet, gainclone amps - best nonesoteric technology available on the market for a progear price. pair with a good tube pre (aesthetix/einstein...) and you could be happy

its only a matter of taste and time, spent on checking gear and adjusting your roomacoustics

good luck

So my search for really good monitors continues. Here's what I have been auditioning:

Focal Electra 1007 BE
Very nice, but midrange is too lean for my tastes and the tweeter can call attention to itself (pretty much exactly how TAS called it).

JM Labs Micro Utopia
I love the midrange on these speakers. They have meat on the bones, but they are dark as hell up top - at least in my room. Saddens me because I'm in love with these otherwise, but I need that sense of air that these seem to mask.

Salk SongTowers
Not exactly a monitor, but light enough that I can move it in and out of the room (which is a necessity as I setup my 2 channel listening in front of a huge movie screen). It gets rave reviews but sounds very solid state and harsh to my ears (and with my Theta Citadel 1.5 amps). It does however allow me to hear what's on the recording which I appreciate otherwise.

Aerial Model 9's
These are my home theater speakers that excite the room way too much (4 bass drivers per speaker). I only mention them for reference. Not my cup of tea for 2 channel.

So I don't know what to try next? Usher Be-718? I'm looking for detail, air but meat on the bones. Don't care about extremely low bass as I have a Bryston crossover and a pair of F113 subs.