Best high end monitors?

I'm considering monitors for a 2 channel setup (to be paired with a couple subs - probably JL Audio Fathom 113's).

Looking for suggestions on brands/models to consider. I listen to all kinds of music, but mostly rock and jazz. I'm looking for large soundstage, detailed with with meat on the bones.

I don't have a set budget, but wouldn't go as high as Magico Minis or anything crazy.

Thanks in advance.
I feel like a broken record, but SP Technology Timepiece 3.0 - You may not even need the subs with these.
Since no one here seems to have read the crucial line "the rooms...... seems to retain bass", I would put in a Manger Swing along with your JL subs. The Swing on its own does not play below 100Hz and hence will smoothly roll out to a pair of subs, no stands required, looks great. Call Daniela Manger, site , or if in USA call tmhaudio.
As far as a suggestion as the "best high end monitor" - I am a HUGE fan of the Ridgestreet Audio Sason granite monitor. There are many things within this speaker's design that seem to be missing from other monitors such as very unique impedance matched cost no object internal wiring and "best of the best" crossover components and the complete elimination of binding posts, cryod tweeters and much more to boot. The cumulation of all of these details combined don't even exist in speakers like Magicos, Kharmas (or anything I know of under the $30k mark). IMHO the Ridgestreet Sason designers seem to have attacked every single "lossy" parameter they could think of where other monitor designers haven't even considered in their designs comparably.
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Ok, they are going to be in the same league as the Magico Mini or the Ridge Street Sason, but you can pick up a pair here on audiogon in the $2,500 range. I've lived with mine for 3 years and they are great speakers. Link to review: