Best high-end headphones with noice cancellation ...

Looking at getting new high-end headphones for both home and travelling (with noice cancellation) ... Could be both in-ear or over-ear ... 
Have been looking around, but would like other opinions as well  ... What are your suggestions?

Have looked at B&W, Jabra, etc. 

The Sony's are the best from reviews and personal experience. PSB good Sony better.
I know, looked at those as well, but just have the feeling they are much "plastic-like" ... maybe not .. 
I like the Sonys. Fidelity will depend on what you're using them with. Android devices support LDAC, the bluetooth codec with highest data transfer rate. Apple devices do not, nor does Windows. But, the headphones can be used wired.
Would be using them with an iPhone 11 or on an iMac.