Best High Efficiency Bookshelf Speakers to buy

Best High Efficiency Bookshelf Speakers to buy under $1200.00 bucks?
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Vintage JBL 4912. Restored and serviced run in $800 ballpark. When I heard them with home-made 2a3 based amp (2wpc), it made me think that it's one of the best among high efficiency speakers not only for money and design.
Listening to B&W 685's front ported speakers now in my second system! The clarity is fantastic, for very little money. Plenty of positive reviews.
no super high but i run a pair of Ref 3A de Capos (92db flat imp) with a 4 watt amp and plenty loud in a 12 x 20 room
Zu Omen Bookshelf comes to mind. 97db efficiency and $1.00 under your
You should be able to pick up a pair of used Legacy Studio HD’s for about a the best money you ever spent...Most of the used ones that I have seen are in the premium finish..Black Pearl or Rosewood...