Best High Current amplifiers stable into low impedances

Seems like all I hear when reading Stereophile’s measurements when it comes to speakers: must be used with a High current amplifier stable at 2 Ohm. Most amplifiers rarely give specs related to 2 ohm loads. Most amplifiers are only stable into 8 and 4 ohm loads, and if they mention 2 ohm it seems they aren’t saying continuous, but peak, short term power.
With speakers becoming more complex and harder to drive, what are some high current amplifiers that have no problem with these 2 ohm or lower impedance speakers?


I have one pair of bridged amps that puts out 30 amps (75 peak) into 1 ohm and 500 W into that load (when I bought them they were driving 1 ohm Apogee Scintillas) but they made less than 200 of them so I doubt you could find any.

I have another that I run in stereo that puts out 40 amps continuous (90 peak) and 475 W (if that’s not enough you can bridge them and get 1000 W) but the problem is that it is also a vintage amp and it would be a hunt to find one.

Depends on how patient you can be - they turn up on Audio Mart from time to time and you can check Hifishark to see what past prices have been.

Classe DR3 VHC and Jeff Roland 5. If you go for the larger Rowland 7 there are some for sale right now - pairs of monos for around $4K, which is a bargain price.



McCormack DNA 500 if you can find one. 

I just sold mine a few weeks ago that used to drive Thiel CS5i's with no problem.

BUT, my real message here is that I have shifted to high efficiency speakers with a First watt F7 amp.. Dynamic and alive.

An epiphany for me.

Thanks for listening.




..."stable into low impedances" only suggests that the amplifer won’t go into oscillation when presented with a low impedance. It doesn’t offer how much power at what levels of noise and distortion or what qualtiy will be available into low impedances. I don’t suggest trusting off hand remarks about capablities into low impedances unless the manufacturer actually specs it into a given load. Off handed remaks of capabilites are often given to protect sales potential and especially dealer networks. Often times reviewers won’t test into low loads like 2 Ohms unless actually spec’d to do so. Even then we often see stereo amps failing to deliver when only tested into 1 channel. If  you need a certain power level into a given load, seek out manufactures that will will actually spec it as such. If not move on. If it’s backed up by independent testing; all the better.

The Naim NAP 250, 300, 500 and their Statement will all handle 2 ohm loads.