METALLICA!!!! No one will disagree,will they? This band just never stops getting better.Load,Re-load all classics.The B.O.C.cover of Astronomy off of Garage for sure one of the meanest,heaviest songs EVER! Metallica RULES!!!

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Yes, DL are my fave. Ever hear any Helix? They have a song called "Heavy Metal Love", that's just killer!
I wish I could have seen Van Halen back then.
Metallica was "speed metal", and now they're just a glam band, full of hubris. Just one man's opinion, that's all...I like Spinal Tap's "Break Like the Wind". "Bitch School" is pretty good. I'm still trying to enroll some of mine there...makes 'em more eager to get turned out...I gots to get some mo money, for that solid titanium listening room I'm designing...
I never saw Blue Murder, but I remember that they opened for Bon Jovi for a while. Skid Row opened for them when I saw Jovi. I wish I would have seen Quiet Riot back then. Night Ranger was a good band, and also Damn Yankees (with Shaw, Blades, Nugent). I saw Ted Nugent again a few weeks ago, he opened for KISS. He's crazy, guys...and almost funny. Now that was the loudest concert I've ever been to. Had my earplugs in for all but 3 songs! What godawful sound it was.....Def Leppard is my favorite band, and they're as good live as ANY I've seen, including the Stones (excepting all the extra stuff that goes along with the Stones).
I like the babes in the Kid Rock videos.
Trey, regarding Spinal Tap, I like "Bitch School". A very loud and offensive song, the way it's supposed to be. Sure, they aren't a serious music band, just a hollywood paper cutout, but they were funny. I love Rush (even the most recent stuff), and Deep Purple is cool, too. Perhaps those bands aren't "metal", or perhaps they are. I thought the music of youth wasn't about putting labels and categories on music...And yet Rolling Stone (the magazine) readers seem to love to categorize their music.