Best headphones you've ever heard/used

Well, the subject says it all I guess. I'm looking for two sets of good quality headphones.

The first one is an earphone for use with my iPod. I'm looking for a small pair of compact in-ear earphones. I take long boring flights to Asia often so it'd be nice if they were high quality and helped out with noise canceling. I've heard good things from Shure. Any other recommendations?

The second one will be for night time listening in my bed. These headphones can be big but hopefully not too heavy. I also need them to be wireless for at least 15ft.

Thanks in advance,
just got the new Shure 500s...significant improvement over 5c, 4c etc. 5c has that bass thing going but 500s are tighter and better attack: mid range is more clear and open sounding: treble sounds more extended though may not be true: but overall the best in ears I've heard: that includes the 2 other Shures, Etyomic 4s and untimate ear pro 5.
There is not a "best" for me. There are several top-line cans for I use depending on what kind of music and how the recording sounds. I use Audeze LCD-2 w/Burson HA-160 headamp for "perfect" recordings. The beyerdynamic T 1 w/Burson HA-160 for jammin' rock and roll with good bass in the recording. Sennheiser HD-800 balanced into Headroom Balanced Desktop/w desktop power supply when I want to hear exactly what is on the recording. Westone 3 IEMs are my overall preference for portable listening into a HiFiMan HM-801 PMP.
The very best I've heard is my new BOSE 901 series 6 version 2 "speaker" headphones that just came out three months ago !
Etymotic headphones tend to be a bit analytical in my opinion. I have some er4ps I use for the gym and have had the er4s... I bought my wife a pair of the ER6is when they came out which should be around here somewhere.

The isolation is great and its better then nothing on a long flight, but they don't really keep my focus.

The Ultimate Ears mentioned in the thread are a little less analytical, but a little dull IMO. I'd scored a couple pairs of the TP10s when they were blowing them out about a year ago, but I ended up just gifting them to friends as they weren't my cup of tea.

The Grado in ears look interesting, but I haven't heard them yet. I've owned most everything Grado made (Joe and John) over the years and though many hate them, I found them to be generally musical, warm, detailed, a little flat stage wise, forward in balance.... Thats one I'd investigate personally.