Best headphones under 800.00 USD

Any suggestion will be very appreciated. Thank you.
The Sennheiser HD-600's are well below that price (can be found below $300) and are very well regarded.
There are lots of great choices within your price constraint. The Sennheiser 600 already recommended is an easy choice, and well worth the premium over the next most expensive Sennheiser. Both the Grado RS-1 and RS-2 are worth considering, especially if you are going to consider the Grado headphone amp (the cheaper RS-2 seems to me the better value). For a more exotic choice, the Koss electrostatics are something of a black sheep, tarred by the rest of the Koss line, but, if you care about sound more than the sexiness of the marque, they really deliver--in my opinion a much better value than the comparably priced Stax alternative.
I have both the 600 and RS1. I like both but the RS1 gets unconfortable after an hour where the 600 does not.
To be more especific, I have reduced my options to 2 headphones, the Sennheiser HD600 and the Grado RS-1. I know the last ones are twice the price of the first ones, however I have heard the HD600 are better for large orchestral works, is that true? I listen to classical music, mostly symphonyc. Which ones would be the best option for my tastes regardless of the grados are twice expensive?? Thanks in advance and thanks for the responses above.
The two headphones I'd recommend, based on owning both of them, are the Sennheiser 600 (very comfortable, excellent sound quality), and one of the older Stax electrostatics (also comfortable, and extraordinary clarity). The chief downside to the Stax is the hookup: their transformer box must be connected to the binding posts on your amp.
I will also recommend the HD600 and they sound great with any music I've sent through them, mostly jazz and rock.
I own the Grado 325's, the Senn 600's, and a nicer pair of AKGs. I highly recommend the 600's. They're reasonably priced, comfortable, and they sound great. I bought mine from the Headroom amp company and I'd recommend checking them out. They're price was lower than they are allowed to advertise on the site (under $300 if I remember correctly). I'd check them out (and they carry Grado too).
I own the Sennheiser 600s and also the 580s, and have listened to many others. On balance, I agree with Sdcampbell's comments about the 600's. The 600s are smooth and relaxing yet detailed-- also comfortable for long term listening. Cheers, and Good Hunting. Craig
There is a website called that has a lot of headphone reviews and information. Use their search engine to save time.
My personal favorite is the Grado RS-2. I have tried the Sennheisers and like them but have found they need a tube headphone amp (like the Earmax) to sound their best. I have been able to get around the comfort issue with the Grado's by using the "comfy" foam pads and moving my eyeglasses off of my ears.
If you get foam pads that allow long term listening I would also vote for Grado
I have the HD-600's with the Musical Fidelity XCANSv2 and power supply. I am extremely happy. You cannot go wrong with the RS-1's or 2's either, especially with their little battery powered headphone amp. You will just be out twice the money but we are still talking under a $1000.00. If you listen to both it will be easy to choose. The HD-600's are a little hot on summer days in Calif. Also, I purchased a very good headphone extension cable ( Daybreak ) from Sonic Horizon
( at HCM Audio ) so I don't have the HD-600's tiny little cable swaying in the wind. It is a major source of noise in your headphones when it rubs up against anything.