Best headphones for iTouch


For casual listening... working out... your recommendations for inner ear, outer ear headphones... please... experienced user recommendations only...

:) listening

Last year I had several business trips to west coast and I purchase a pair of Sennheiser PX300.

Great sound.
Small and light-weight.
Foldable and I can tuck my iPhone into the same soft case.
Cancels 80% airplane noise.

Awkward NoiseGard that requires to be clipped on the side of your waist if you workout. Personally if I workout I would not be using headphones unless your headed to the cardio stations.
My wife used the itouch for working out and hated it! She complained it was too big and the screen would keep switching from portrait to landscape as she tried to change a song on the run. I bought her a shuffle and for working out, she loves it and it's relatively cheap!

I personally use Shure e2c's with my ipod and like them. They are in ear and come with different size inserts for different size ear canals. They block out lots of noise too. For $99 dollars MSRP, they are good, but if you have the means, go for something a little better.
Sleek Audio SA6, are good and you can alter the sound with small ports,that are included, if you prefer more or less bass. They are not as good as my Ultrasone Edition 9 with 18AWG Jena cable non-portable phones but totally ok for portable.

Sammie... which model of the Ultimate Ears do you know or like best?

I see several at various price points on

Thanks everyone for your interest and suggestions!

Gherrera... I just set the song sequence I want on the iTouch, push the little button to go to all menus, pocket it and forget it!

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I have Ultimate Ears UE11's and love them.... upgraded from the Shure se530's. and prior the Etymotics (ER-4s).

If you are really geeking out, get a lineout doc and a small headphone amp (i'm a ray samuels fan).

Yes the amp adds bulk, but personally, once i couldn't simply plop the ipod into my shirt pocket, it really didn't matter to me.

Anyway.. good luck...
I bought a pair of SE 530 (can be had for a decent price for NOS on ebay). I then had these fitted to a pair of custom ear molds.
The sound is superb (2 base drivers and a tweeter) and the custom airmold ensures that bass extension is full and solid.
if you are using casually, I think S 530 or ultimate ears UE11 are overkill. I use shure e4c, which you can find on Ebay for 90-120ish. I tried several models brands and in ear is definitely the one to use with Ipods/iphone. the new shure SE models have modular cable, which is nice if you have those itouch holder that you strap in your upper arm.

Dizzyizzid... Thanks for your thoughts and update. I finally settled on UE 5 pro... working well for me in the gym during workouts, but now those tasty treats have me panting after the 10s or the Shure SE530s... never a dull moment in my world!

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i heard good thing about hte UE superfi 5. glad you found what you liked. if you are looking at more serious headphones for critical listening, you should look at stuff like HD650 or AKG701/702. I bought AKG701 for listening at home while working. sound is excellent, although the top strap is not as comfortable as I wanted to be (the headphone sides itself feels very comfortable though)

happy listening and holidays.