Best headphones?

I am contemplating buying a pair of Stax headphones. I have listened for short periods and am very impressed. Would appreciate any thoughts or advice from audiophiles with experience with Stax models. Thank you very much.
I've had two pairs of SRX-MKIII's for about 15 years and still listen to them a lot. Great sound especially when driven by ther ear-speaker amplifier. They have a whole new series of ear-speakers available but haven't heard them yet.
I have a pair of Stax Lambda (Not the Pro) and Sigma (Non-Pro Model). I have an SRM-T1 and an SRD-7. If you can afford it, go for one of the amplified models like the SRM-T1. It far easier to use, and they sound great. The only serious downside of Stax phones used over the years, is that after listening to them - it will most likely prompt you to upgrade your amp and speakers, as they will most likely sound better.
i say check out the grado line of phones, all levels are bargains, i have the 60s with yellow sennheiser 414 pads(grado now supplies them in black as oem)and thy are really very good. worth way more than their price and very comfy.
The Sennheiser HD-600 easily beats any Grado, IMHO; especially when driven with tubes. IF I COULD AFFORD THE STAX OMEGA 2 007, I'd buy it in a second. The only thing that troubles me with esl 'phones is that the thin plastic membrane isn't as acoustically transparent (to the back wave reflection from your ear) as the foam-cellulose diaphragm in the best dynamic headphones. Seems like it'd cause all sorts of echo reflections between it and your ear, however open to the outside it is behind the diaphragm/stators. JUST A CURIOUSITY, I have no evidence to support whether there is a significant effect or not...
I have been very happy with my Sony MDR-V6's. They are the compact ones with aluminum speaker enclosures (not plastic). Consumer electronics stores usually do not carry them, but you can get them from Guitar Center (about $100). I have had mine for 9 years. Very neutral and detailed. They are also fairly compact, and comfortable to wear. I have noticed many recording studio photo's where engineers are using these.
John_l: I'd be interested in hearing how you think they compare with the 600's. You sould try them sometime...
I have definitely heard better than the Sony's. One of my co-workers had the old stax electro-static-on-your-ear headphones with the dedicated amp. Those were the best sounding I have heard (at $2000 in 1993 they should be!) I once heard some of the sennheiser midrange ($125ish) and I thought they were very detailed and airy sounding. I like the Sony's better because of their relatively small size. Has anybody out there heard the sony nc-20 noise cancelling models ? ( the msrp 200 one )
Right on with the comments John on the Sony MDR-V6. I have a pair and Like them alot. I compared with my brothers Sony 705s with the blue label on earpiece (not sure of the model #?) and the V-6s were a lot smoother on the high end (705s sounded less clear and artificial on the high end)I'm sure theres better out there but these sony's are great! Joe Lienhard
I've heard no other speaker or headphone that is as accurate as the current Stax Omega 2-007. If listening to classical or any accoustical instruments, voices on vinyl this is the way to go. I've heard most stax phones fed by Clearaudio/Ref Gold, and this version is in a different league. That is, if money is not a question, at $5K for headphone plus a used SRM-1T
You're making my bank account boil and my aural sensibilities ache with longing, Baldridge! If you'd let me borrow this Stax headphone, I promise to clean my ears with bleach before putting them on! I want some soooo bad! Someday....
The Stax win hands down, but I just purchased the HD-600 because I wanted a pair that could plug into a regular headphone jack without special power supplied etc. If you are purchasing headphones to be your main "speakers" go with STAX, if you are purchasing headphones to augment a good set of speakers go with the Sennheisers
Yes, I enjoy the Sennheisers a lot.
I can answer the question regarding the Sony MDR-V6 vs. Sennheiser 600. I own both. The 600s are in every regard better by a lot. I would say it's like the diffrence between hearing a nice hifi system and a standard system
I want to buy Sennheiser 600 phones. Can I use with my headphone jack on DENON AVP8000 preamp? How good is the headphone AMP on Denon?
I'm sure you could use it (a 1/4 inch jack, right?), but I am not familiar with it.
The Sennheisers have both standard 1/4 inch and mini plug terminations.
I just purchased Sennheiser HD 600. Really good sound. Very detailed, flat and full even at very low volumes. You could pick them for around $310 - $350. I found at least 5 web sites in the $320 range, most sell them for $350, but I got mine from J&R for $315 after some armtwisting... eBay auctions a pair right now for $260 unless someone raised the bid in the mean time... Good luck!