Best HDTV tuner

What is the best tuner on the market today to pick up signals from both a dish and terrestial signals?
If you review the posts at AVSforums you will find that there appear to be pluses and minuses with all of the available hardware.
I have investigated the Mistubishi and the Toshiba and a couple of others which are apprently all made by Hughes.
The final result I bought The Sony HD-100 it seemed to have the best ability to pull in digital OTA stations even from a considerable distance.
I also hear the Panasonic is quite good but it also costs more $

For me the best quality / price ended up to be the Sony
It is also prety seamless channel switching between regular cable, satellite and OTA signals and chanels.
Others you have to change the settings and go to the menu for that.
It also sounds pretty darn good from the digital optical output (even when I hate Toslink connection, I think the Dolby Digital output sounds great!)

Good Luck to you

I researched the entire lot...tried the RCA & new Sony SAT HD100 and ended up with the Sony (played through a Sony VPLVW 10HT LCD front proj. on to a 110" Stewert 130 screen.

I believe the Sony surpasses all of them...including the remote. I had some trouble getting ALL of the over the air signals using a Terk antenna...but switched to an old fashion multi element antenna in my attic and now everything seems to come in flawlessly.

My only 2 complaints (and they are BIG ones for me) is that 1.) it only comes in silver (Yuck!) and 2. the damn fan stays on 24/7 and is LOUD!

I contacted SONY on-line service to see if a temp. shut off can be in thier future to shut the fan off when not needed...but that became an exercise in patience. Needless to's still better than the others.