Best HDTV Receiver

I'm in the market for a set top HDTV receiver for my directv disk system. I am going to relie on the forums experience and knowledge for a recommendation. Thanks
I have used 4
The Sony HD 100
RCA 100 (cant remmember exact model)
Mitsubishi SR5 (made by Hughes)

The Hughes based receivers seem to work the best. Excellent clarity and easy to use.
PS i have 3 RCA HDTV boxes that need repair if anyone is interested.
I have the Hughes HDTV model and very pleased with it. Mitsubishi's model is the same one but with their name on it. I shopped and got a "package" which essentially gave me a free dish with all the needed hardware to receive HD broadcasts. Shop the net and you'll find good prices no matter what model you select. Remember the great motto: "Never pay full retail!"